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Why the Left FEARS Sarah Palin (Politically Speaking) (Originally Posted 1/24/11)

After the absolutely media slander and libel which has been perpetrated toward Sarah Palin in the wake of the Arizona shootings a week and a half ago, the Left has once again shown us who it is they truly fear (politically). Historically, the American Left only attacks the people they don't want to see in power. As Mrs. Palin recorded in her book "Going Rogue," Liberals do their best to tear someone down from power if it becomes obvious they are going to lead the Conservative movement for the foreseeable future. Sarah Palin has clearly become the next target.

Is it because she is a potential Presidential Candidate in 2012? Perhaps. Is it because Mrs. Palin was one of the people who lead to the electoral shellacking that the Democrat party experienced in 2010? Perhaps. I believe, however, the Left fears Mrs. Palin more than they feared other Conservative leaders to rise to power in the past generation, like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich or former President George W. Bush. The following are the reasons I believe the Left is absolutely *politically* terrified of Sarah Louise Palin:

1. Sarah Palin has morals that don't change with polls:

Perhaps the greatest problem that has plagued the Conservative Movement is the Republican Party...specifically the fact that the GOP still believes, for reasons passing all understanding, that they can be liked and treated fairly by the Drive-By Media. We cannot. (As my one of my political heroes, Rush Limbaugh, is fond of saying, the Mainstream Media is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.) Governor Palin simply does not care about how the media sees her.

In her recent hit-show "Sarah Palin's Alaska," Mrs. Palin repeatedly stated on a host of issues, "They have their opinions, but we have ours," speaking with her and her family. It does not matter to Sarah Palin if the media attacks her values, it doesn't matter to her. Because she has REAL VALUES!

As I detailed in my article "The Myth of Moderates," (1) too many people are swayed by the wind and polls or sit in the middle of the fence. These people can be persuaded to abandon their stated principles with relative ease with a doctored poll or by not inviting them to the right cocktail party. These people want to be respected and liked by Liberals so they compromise the values that A) got them elected and B) work.

The Left LOVES this sort of person! They can be persuaded to govern like Liberals. This serves two purposes:

1 - People see Republicans compared to Democrats the way people viewed New Coke compared to Pepsi (this New Coke tastes like a Pepsi...I'll just have a Pepsi).

2 - Whenever real Conservatism is tried, it succeeds! Every time real Conservatism is effectively communicated in an election, it wins! Therefore, if Liberals can stop true Conservatism from being communicated thus getting elected thus succeeding, they can stay in power.

Sarah Palin has governed and will govern as a Constitutional Conservative. As President, she would not submit a judge who legislates from the bench (not even if said legislation is favorable to her values). She believes in the free market and would cut taxes to EVERYONE, which leads to a booming economy (hasn't failed yet), more jobs, and by the way, more revenue to the federal government because more people are working and paying taxes! When a true Conservative like Mrs. Palin is in the White House, it proves that the Liberal principles of tax (punish) the wealthy are damaging to the country!

She also believes the government that governs least governs best. That means many of the pet government programs which liberals adore so much would go bye-bye...lessening people's dependence on Government and reducing their power. And she won't be shifted in the wind to changing these beliefs!

2. Sarah Palin has no real skeletons in her closet:

In Governor Palin's book "Going Rogue," she noted that she once joked that she once got a D on paper in college. That was her big skeleton. Other such skeletons including terminating the government employment of a man (who happened to be her former brother-in-law) from a position in law enforcement, but it was due to legitimate abuse of power by that individual (which included illegally hunting an animal and tasering is teenage stepson). In other words, the guy was a scumbag who deserved to be fired. Oh yeah, and she took five years to complete a four year college degree. Ignoring the fact that this is finishing early by the standards of most college students today, the reason this happened was so she could work and save money to PAY FOR HER EDUCATION!

The only other thing that can be said to be a "skeleton" is the fact that her daughter Bristol had a baby out of wedlock at 17 years old. However, this isn't a skeleton in Mrs. Palin's closet...nor is it a misstep by her. It was a mistake Bristol made, took responsibility for, and now she (Bristol) is taking responsibility for raising her son Tripp. For those who say Governor Palin should've had better control over her daughter or some other such thing, do me a favor. Raise your hand if you honestly can say you NEVER did anything your parents clearly disapproved of...something big. I know I sure did! Things I have since repented of in my Christian walk and turned from as an adult. If I ever have children, you better believe I will teach them not to make my mistakes. However, my future children will eventually have to choose to do the right thing on their own, and deal with the consequences if they make the wrong one! Like Bristol Palin has done, and I respect the heck out of her for it.

3. Sarah Palin has a history of fighting corruption:
From her time on Wasilla, AK City Council to being mayor of Wasilla to running the Alaskan Oil Commission to being Governor of the 49th state, Sarah Palin has tackled the corruption that pervades politics. She doesn't care what the Media and the Left throws at her...she does what's right! That means no more payoffs in the name of "Stimulus." No appointing her buddies to government jobs. No inserting un-elected, unconfirmed "Czars" left and right to increase the power of the Executive Branch. When one fights corruption like this, you better believe the Chicago politics that pervade the Obama Administration would stop under a Palin Administration.

There have been a lot of outright lies and stories out of context spoken by the Lamestream Media about Mrs. Palin. But when you hear her side of most of these stories (read "Going Rogue") it becomes apparent that her decisions were reasonable and right.

4. The Left can't seem to "get" Sarah Palin (politically):

The Left has tried harder to play "gotcha" with Sarah Palin since 2008. While she was a Vice Presidential candidate they succeeded some, but that is largely due to the McCain Campaign allowing it out of a misplaced desire to get along with people who are bent on the destruction of Conservatism. Once Mrs. Palin was speaking on behalf of SarahPAC (Sarah Palin's official Political Action Committee (2) ) without GOP campaign organizers filtering her every word, Mrs. Palin has made as big of a difference in the political landscape as pretty much anyone. She was one of main leaders in the GOP and Tea Party victories in 2010.

The Left has tried recently to link Mrs. Palin's use of a long used political metaphor (putting a bull’s-eye on a map over the general vicinity of the district of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords) in an effort to defeat Congresswoman Giffords AT THE BALLOT BOX. It failed miserably. The media keeps trying, they keep trying to present her as corrupt (see #3) but THE TRUTH KEEPS GETTING OUT! They try to portray her as stupid, but besides the Left Wing ideologues, nobody seems to buy it.

The best the Left has been able to do is to hit Governor Palin with the same amount of scrutiny they will attack pretty much any decent GOP candidate. (Sure, they won't go to the wall against a John McCain/Bob Dole/Gerald Ford type candidate because hey, these moderate Republicans usually lose anyway.) And it's not working regarding Sarah Palin!

5. Sarah Palin is a regular American (like you and me!):

What has Sarah Palin done? She's put herself through college, has either raised or is in the process of raising five children with her husband by her side, worked hard as an elected official and fulfilled her promises. She and Todd have made payrolls in the Palin family fishing business. They have paid their taxes. She is a loving mother and wife. She takes her children camping. She hunts for the meat to fill her freezer. She goes to church. Sound like anyone you know? Sounds a lot like a REAL PERSON. Sure, she does a few things living in Alaska that I don't do (I buy my meat in the grocery store, for example). But she is a real person, and a real American! She's us!

Compare that to President Community Organizer, who basically spent his career in a non-profit business which never had to make a payroll, working as a lawyer for three years as an associate before spending seven with the title "of counsel." For those who aren't familiar with that role in a law firm, it's similar to "executive producer" in a have no real responsibilities while maintaining a business card. He then proceeded to do be "on the board" for a couple more non-profits. (3)

6. Sarah Palin is a political Rock Star:

The opening episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC (The Learning Channel for those of you in Palm Beach County, Florida) scored a 5.0 rating share (about 5 million viewers) aka RIDICULOUS FOR CABLE. She's packed at all speaking engagements. She helped direct the Election of 2010 in the GOP's favor. Like the analogy or not, she has the same type of political following on the Right as Barrack Obama did in '08 did on the Left.

The difference? Palin has this level of love from the right without the Lamestream Media covering every single question about her qualifications (as they do with Obama) but instead covering every single evidence of her qualifications for high office! With the Media trying desperately to discredit Mrs. Palin, she remains perhaps the best person to put on Ronald Reagan's mantle for the Conservative movement due to the voice of the people!

So here we are, just over two weeks after the Arizona Shooting which the Lamestream Media tried so desperately to blame on Sarah Palin. They failed. No reasonable person believed that she had anything to do with the actions of an evil madman (nor should they have believed it). It is the latest attempt of many to tear down a woman who very well could be America's best hope to undo the damage of the Obama Administration.

The Left is *politically* terrified of Governor Palin. They know exactly what I've stated above. They know that, no matter how hard they try, they can't tear her down. Given the top of the ticket exposure and her own people running the show, Mrs. Palin has the ability to communicate the message of true Conservatism to the American people the right way. As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, "Real Conservatism wins every time it is effectively communicated, and works every time it's tried." Sarah Palin can communicate genuine Conservatism.

She CAN WIN. If she's nominated by the GOP, I firmly believe she WILL WIN. As a matter of fact, to quote Rush again, I believe she will "mop the floor with Obama." Two years of Obama's failures (which will almost certainly be followed by two more) will make "yes we can" generic rhetoric becomes nothing but empty platitudes. Obama's rhetoric fails when there's a track record behind it. Sarah Palin can tell the truth, govern by morals, and take the rhetorical shots without falling down. I believe that she is the best Conservative on the horizon. I personally endorse her for President in 2012. I hope, with a little luck, that Governor Palin READS this article (it's a longshot, but there's always Twitter to make it possible). On the off chance, I have this to say to her:
Mrs. Palin, America needs a genuine Conservative, someone with Christian values and a history of fighting corruption. We need you. So I'm asking you as a citizen, as a Tea Party Patriot, please run for President. We need you, because you can take the attacks, because you can withstand the scrutiny, and because you can communicate true Conservatism. Please pray on it (I'm sure you already are) and pray with your family.

I will tell you this next part because I know you are also a Pentecostal Christian in the Assemblies of God and thus I know you will believe this when I say it. After the Election of 2008, I received a prophetic word from God. Two words, actually: "President Palin." Please pray on this!
If you do run, you will have one loud voice in me both online and in my personal life. God bless you and your family!

- Christopher C. Bastedo


(1) "The Myth of Moderates" by Christopher C. Bastedo -

(2) SarahPAC Homepage

(3) "Barrack Obama" - Wikipedia Page

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