Rules for Comments

I believe in honest, respectful, fact based debates. I welcome your comments which oppose my point of view, as long as a few important rules are followed:

Debate ideas and policies, do not attack people personally. No slandering or name calling. By this I mean don't say "so and so is an idiot." Such posts may be deleted or responded to at my discretion. In-context political titles are acceptable (for example appropriately calling a politician a Socialist) but using such titles to name-call (for example calling someone a Nazi) will not be tolerated.  At my discretion I will either delete such comments or I may use your comment as an example of what not to do.

No cursing or inappropriate comments. Such posts will be deleted

Treat the Bible with appropriate respect. I expect the Bible to be treated with respect in general, as I promise to do toward the scriptures of other religions. I believe that the Bible is in fact the infallible Word of God, and that it is unique in that regard amongst other religious texts. I don't expect acquiesence to that belief but I do demand respect of it. I also expect people to not take things in Scripture out of context in order to make a personal point. All comments that fail this requirement will be deleted automatically.

Do not claim yourself as an authority/expert as a complete argument. I do not mind people naming their experiences at all, nor their vocation or education in arguments. But those expertises still must be backed with facts. Just because a person has an degree in a topic doesn't make them correct. If you experience/expertise is strong, you should have no trouble formulating a fact-based argument.

If you quote someone, source your quote. This can be done using either a link from a news article or a You Tube video.

All Comments are considered property of the blog and may be used in future posts.  This includes email contacts AND publicly or privately posted comments. If you leave some sort of contact with  your post, I will ask you for your permission to name you when appropriate (this does not mean I won't quote you, it means I will respond as if anonymous).  If a name is not given or if you choose not to be named, I will reference you anonymously, although I will almost always give you a made up name. For fun.

In All Cases, Follow Wheaton's Law of the Internet: While Wil Wheaton is an Atheist, it's still a good rule!

Please do not anonymously comment: Please either sign in with Blogger or sign your posts.  (You do not need to give your full name, address, anything like that. Something as simple as "Steve" or "R.F." or "PandaBearFan." Whatever you choose.) This is simply so all debaters can know if they are discussing with one person or several.

Disagreement is fine, even encouraged, as long as that disagreement is done within the boundaries of these rules. Violating comments will be deleted. Repeat violators will be banned from commenting, irregardless of the content of future comments. These rules apply not only for the blog comments but also for the Biblical Conservatism Facebook Page.