Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama's Foreign Policy Weakness Shows on Libya

Today President Obama, while addressing the unrest in Libya, stated unequivocally that the United States would not deploy ground troops in Libya.  I knew you had no clue about how to lead in world affairs, but for crying out loud, what are you thinking, Mr. Obama?  Anyone else dying to play a high stakes game of poker with the President after that remark?

I'm not suggesting we should commit troops in Libya.  That's a last resort which we haven't reached yet.  But in what world is it smart to state up front that we won't commit troops?  Obama has just removed any ability to bluff with Quadaffi.  I'm playing poker tomorrow, and you better believe if after the river there are three spades showing I'm not going to announce that I don't have two additional spades in my hand (1).  Depending on my position in the game, I may well raise the pot to make people THINK I might have two spades in my hand.

Yet our Commander-in-Chief has chosen to stand up, announce that he doesn't have two spades.  Our President clearly has no clue how to lead on the world stage.  I understand he subscribes to the wimpy Liberal can't we all just get along mentality on paper.  But today we learned  he ACTUALLY BELIEVES THAT HOGWASH!  Even the aspirin-factory-bombing Bill Clinton didn't outright announce that the U.S. wouldn't use troops.  Why?  Because when negotiating with a despot you don't announce that you aren't willing to remove them from power.  It's the one thing that you can frighten almost every dictator on earth with.  Obama just forfeited that.  It doesn't take a Harvard degree to figure that out, just an ounce of common sense (which our President does not seem to be able to muster).

If this wasn't enough, Obama has also announced that America will not lead as the U.N. moves forward in Libya.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world is saying, "Wait...what? So who's going to lead us?"  Great Britain doesn't want to lead it.  France will just surrender, Japan doesn't have a military (they have us instead), Germany barely has a military (see also: Japan), the Russian military remains in shambles after losing the Cold War to us, China might do it but the rest of the world are still too smart to give the Chi-Comms that kind of power.  Canada?  Nothing more fierce than three mounties in a canoe leading an attack into the desert. Let's face it...America is absolutely the only country to lead in such an instance.  Yet our President wants to abdicate, probably because he's too darn timid to take the lead.

Friends, this President is weak.  He's too afraid to make the wrong decision and too narcissistic to ask for help.  Meanwhile, the world burns.  We need a real President.  Someone who has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what's right and to lead the world as the world looks to America for leadership.  Barrack Obama isn't it!  2012 can't come fast enough!


(1) For those who do not play Texas Hold 'Em, this is the point where five common cards have been dealt, along with two individual cards in each player's hand.  The goal is to create the best possible five card hand using your two individual cards and the five common cards. (For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, Texas Hold 'Em is a type of poker game.)

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