Monday, March 14, 2011

Shortest Books Ever Written

Just something for fun as a break from the big project I'm working on for the site.  If you have any more great "Shortest Books Ever Written" please leave them in comments and if I like them I'll add them in, along with your Twitter handle, website, etc.

My Move to the Center by Barrack Obama

Bad Times to Pull the Race Card by Jesse Jackson

Major Crisises that We Didn't Blame on Conservatives by the Liberal Media

Living Up to Dr. King's Dream by Al Sharpton

Things I Wouldn't Say or Do to Get Elected by Bill Clinton

Quotes Attributed to Rush Limbaugh that Rush Limbaugh Actually Said by the Liberal Media

Scientific Evidences for Global Warming by Al Gore

Successes of the Great Society by Lyndon B. Johnson

Civility and Compromise at Work by Nancy Pelosi

Major Crisises That We LEGITIMATELY Blamed on Conservatives by the Liberal Media

Developing a Championship Team through the Minor Leagues by George Steinbrenner

Economic Successes of Socialism by Barrack Obama

Successes of Liberal Talk Radio by Air America

Women I Find too Ugly to Sleep with by Bill Clinton
GOP Presidential Nominees Whose "Turn" it was that Won the Presidency by the Republican National Committee

Tina Fey Quotes We Didn't Attribute to Sarah Palin by the Liberal Media

Compassionate Results of Liberal Programs by the Democratic Party

Nice Things We Said About Reagan while he was Alive by the Liberal Media

Everything I Know About Business by Barrack Obama (Submitted by @politicsarcasm on Twitter)

American Patriotism by Barrack Obama (Submitted by @politicsarcasm on Twitter)

Liberal Talk Radio without Being Bitter and Angry by Janine Garaffalo

My Romance with Bill by Hillary Clinton

Interesting Things About Me by Al Gore

My Qualifications to be President by Barrack Obama

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