Monday, March 30, 2015

Liberal Fit Over Ted Cruz Demonstrates Their Fear

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz, a Presidential Candidate, announced that he was signing up for Obamacare after his wife left her job at Goldman Sachs (likely to work on his campaign).

In response, the Left has had a massive hissy fit. They're calling Cruz a hypocrite, they're snidely laughing about it, they're calling it a passive endorsement of the law by it's greatest critic.

Add to that we get the usual hypocrisy from the Left in questioning Cruz's citizenship because he was physically born outside the United States. (1) It's yet another example of the Liberal motto: "It's cute when *we* do it!" When conservatives questioned President Obama's citizenship it was "unpatriotic" and "racist" and any other ad hominem that liberals could find to discredit anyone who dared to question the President's citizenship, which was at least more questionable that Cruz's, but ultimately his citizenship was proven (and could've been a much smaller issue if the Narcissist-in-Chief had gotten past his inability to understand anyone questioning him in any way much faster).  Now that the situations are reversed, liberals break out that motto..."It's cute when *we* do it!" and do exactly what they complained about Republicans doing about Obama.

Then of course there's my personal favorite claim: "Senator Cruz isn't experienced enough to be President!" (I nearly spit coffee on my computer when I read THAT.) Considering Senator Cruz has served in the United States Senate exactly the same length as President Obama served when he announced his candidacy. Prior to that, Senator Cruz spent five years as the Texas Solicitor General and previous to that spent eight years as Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush.

(Somehow, liberals believe that 4 years in the U.S. Senate plus seven years of voting "present" in the Illinois State Senate equates more experience than eight years in the U.S. Attorney General's office, five years as Texas Solicitor General and 4 years in the U.S. Senate. Because reasons.)
We also get the usual Left-Wing false arrogance. A conservative comes out and Activist Liberals start the narrative of "I hope they do run (insert conservative here)! They'll be so easy to beat! Now if they were smart they'd run (insert wimpy RINO here)...that person is a "serious candidate" who would really frighten us."

Friends, please remember that the last two "serious candidates" that Democrats claimed to be "genuinely concerned by" lost. Believe it or not, Activist Liberals are not known to be the most honest people out there. The people they pretend to laugh at are the individuals they would really be worried about -- the people they call "serious candidates" are the Democrat Lite RINOs.

Remember your history -- 35 years ago liberals said that Ronald Reagan wasn't a "serious candidate." How'd that work out, again? Pretty well? Yeah, that's how I remembered it as well.

2016 is a year absolutely packed with strong conservatives. Yes, we've got Florida Governor Jeb Bush trying to get in on the race -- but we can do better. Let the Democrats go backwards with Hillary, we're moving forward. We have far better choices. We've got Senator Cruz along with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and several other conservative rock stars.

When the Left tells you that they're afraid of Jeb Bush or whatever other bland moderate Republican whose turn it is and who is supposedly a "serious candidate" -- I beg you, don't listen. They told us that about John McCain and Mitt Romney -- and then proceeded to do everything in their power to discredit those two as soon as they were the nominee.

So let's put up a real conservative then sit back and watch (a Republican in the White House).

(1) It has been long established that physical location of birth does not effect a person's citizenship or their qualification to be President. George Romney was born while traveling abroad in Mexico with his missionary parents (who were both citizens). John McCain was born at Coco Solo Naval Base in Panama. The bottom line is this: as long as you would have otherwise been an American citizen by birth, it doesn't matter if that birth happens on American soil.

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