Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coming Back

Hello again my friends! It's been quite a long time...

When last we spoke, I was taking a hiatus for my wedding in November of 2013. I spent the following year and a half enjoying married life, changing jobs, and most happily, preparing to become a father this summer.

Yet as the 2016 election approaches and liberals begin to go bat-poop crazy over any sign of conservatism out of one side of their mouths and try to convince Republicans that (insert wimpy, unexciting moderate Republican here) would be a more "serious" candidate and would "really concern Democrats" (which, as we learned three years ago means "someone who can be beaten by the Democratic nominee) out of the other; I find myself missing blogging.

So, I will happily announce my return to the blogosphere. I'm not going to commit to a specific frequency although I'm going to aim for weekly.

Let's get back to it and have some fun!

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