Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brace Yourselves -- We're All About to Be Accused of Being Sexist.

We're back to the fictional War on Women as we prepare for another Presidential Election -- this time with a woman as the presumptive Democratic Nominee in Hillary Clinton.

The latest came on Tuesday, April 7th when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced his candidacy for President when Planned Parenthood chose to describe Senator Paul as "anti-woman" because of his Pro-Life stance.

I've written about this before on Biblical Conservatism back in 2013. To quote from one such article:

People have the right to do pretty much any LEGAL thing in their own homes. If you want to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, participate in any form of consensual activity between adults in your own home, as long as it does not harm another human being, I do not have the Constitutional right to stop you.

That being said, abortion does not fall under that criteria of "does not harm another human being." It is doing the highest form of harm to another human being...destroying him or her. Clich├ęs about "a woman's body" are a false premise...it's actually NOT her body. It's that baby's body!"

Liberal Rhetoric 101: The False Premise
This was just the beginning. Then, Rand Paul was accused of being "anti-woman" because he verbally rebuked a liberal reporter who happened to be female because -- get this -- she asked him the same stupid abortion questions about "exceptions" and Paul turns it around and asks the reporter to go ask Democratic Chairman Debby Wasserman-Shultz.

Look -- the narrative is in place and it's coming. We've spent the better part of eight years being told how racists we conservatives are for having the audacity to disagree with poor President Obama. Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Nominee, we're about to be called sexists instead.

(Because you cannot disagree with a liberal based on their policies, ever.)

Liberals are not creative. Their playbook is shorter than Coach Herman Boone in "Remember the Titans."  It will be the same routine we've listened to about race.

First we will all be, without an ounce of evidence, told that we clearly must be sexist by opposing Hillary. Then after a while we'll be told how we're sexist without even knowing it. Finally we'll start hearing stories of "Male Privilege."

It's not hard to read. We will forever hear these lines when it's the "first" anything. We already had the first black President -- that was the template. When we do get the first female President, we'll all be accused of sexism. When we get the first Latino President, we'll be back to be racists. When we someday get the first gay President, we'll all be homophobes and hear about "Straight Privilege."  The first modern unmarried President we'll hear about "Married Privilege." It won't stop.

Of course there is a caveat: Absolutely zero of this will apply if one of these firsts is a Republican. If we elect Ted Cruz, no such leniency will be given to the "First Latino President."

And well meaning Neighborhood Liberals won't see the problem.

You've been warned.

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