Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Debunking the Gender-Wage Gap

You've heard it over and over: "Women make $0.78 on the dollar to their male counterparts."

Actually, no, not really. Guys, that lady sitting next to you who started the same time as you, has the same education and same experience as you, doesn't make $.78 for every $1 you make.

The problem is that the statistics on "wage gaps" do not compare apples to apples within what employees earn.  It's not that two doctors at the same hospital with the same experience, one male and one female, who started at the same time, make different amounts. Male Dr. Dorian and female Dr. Reed who started at the same time are making about the same money (adjusting for job performance).

What's really going on is that Bob the Engineer (a more male-dominated field) makes more than Jane the Social Worker (a more female-dominated field) and so forth -- not because of gender but because Engineers make more money than social workers.

(Please, spare me the speeches about why Job A should make more than Job B based on some meta level theory of importance to society.)

Important to note is this is a choice. Men aren't being blocked from Social Work and women aren't being blocked from Engineering; in fact in some cases there are larger opportunities for men in female dominated fields and women in male dominated fields. (Want an example? Google "the need for more male elementary school teachers.")

There are other factors as well. Despite the Left's attempt to eliminate concepts of natural gender tendencies, there are still certain instincts that are strong in men and women. (Could it be because that's how God created us?)  Let's look at parents, specifically. Men still tend to be more focused on working to provide for their families. Studies have shown that men tend to work longer hours to succeed, while women tend to leave at 5 pm to go home and care for their families. (There is 100% nothing wrong with either choice, btw.)

There's also the matter of time of to have children.

As I have mentioned, my wife and I are expecting our first child in July. In my department there is a woman who is about my age who is also expecting a child. Both of us will undoubtedly be taking time off when each of our children are born. Here's the difference, written right into our company policies:

As a new mother, she will be given ten weeks of paid time off. Doesn't even come out of vacation time. That's the company policy on maternity leave. The company policy on paternity leave is that new fathers may either a) take whatever available vacation time they wish starting when their spouse or significant other goes into labor b) take unpaid time off as part of the Family and Medical Leave Act or c) a combination of A and B.

Look, I'm fine with that, ok? I believe in families and I appreciate that my company is willing to do such for a new mother.

What I'm saying is a woman who choses to take that time of say 3 times (to have 3 children). If this woman and I start at the same time, but she takes 30 weeks off to have her kids meanwhile I take my vacation time for the birth of my three kids I'll have worked 60% of a year longer than said person.
And that leaves out the fact that some jobs will let a mother take a full YEAR off and returning to their position at the same pay. (Meanwhile their male counterpart worked that year.)

Add in the fact that typically fathers are more willing to stay late, come in early, etc -- while typically mothers are the ones who head home right on time to care for their children.


The bottom line is this: liberal talking points generally miss out of the details that make something NOT about racism/sexism/literally anyone being oppressed. (I guess they don't fit on a bumper sticker.)

Gender wage gap? MYTH BUSTED.

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  1. Hi there! You have a very interesting point of view. I would love to see the references for the facts and studies you cite in your post. Do you have links? Thanks!


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