Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Screw Evidence, Let's Protest (and Maybe Riot) over Freddie Gray

I'm sure by now we're all aware of what's happened in Baltimore. At least some of what happened, anyway.

We know that Freddie Gray was arrested for possession of a weapon. We know he was put in a police car. We know that something happened in the car on the way to the police station. The police report is that a "medical emergency" occurred while driving.

This could mean a host of things, friends -- everything from a legitimate case of policy brutality to a handcuffed and seat belted person having experiencing a seizure and their body jerking in the wrong way or the previous occurring when hitting speed bumps.

Look -- I'm just throwing up speculation because we don't actually KNOW ALL THE FACTS.

Of course, this hasn't stopped race-baiting and rioting/protesting.

It doesn't actually *matter* what happened, because the Drive-By Media is spinning tails about an illegal police "rough ride" and basically *assuming* that there was some sort of police brutality. There's actually no evidence that this happened.

The point is we simply DON'T KNOW YET.

Yes, charges were filed against the police officers involved. By the way, here's a picture of said officers. (Tell me if anything jumps out at you.)

Hint: top right, bottom left and bottom right
Wait a minute...three of those six are black people themselves! I wonder how THAT will be spun as racism. (It will be. Don't worry.)

None of this matters. We're given lines like "Black lives matter!" -- but apparently police lives, public property, and public safety DON'T matter.

History doesn't matter either, apparently: George Zimmerman was found not guilty and evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was dealing out a severe beating to Zimmerman before he was shot, clearly demonstrating self-defense. Michael Brown was resisting arrest, attacking Officer Darren Wilson and allegedly attempting to take the officer's gun.  "Hands up, don't shoot" never happened.  Eric Garner was resisting arrest and police officers used necessary force to restrain him and, at most, things went wrong. (So far, we still don't know.)

We will, I am certain, hear all about what a gentle, sweet person Freddie Gray was, probably including his finest 4th grade picture. We won't, I'm guessing, hear much about his criminal record as long as his arm. We also won't hear about the fact that Freddie Gray had a history of back injuries and that he had recently had back surgery -- possibly as recently as ten days before he lead police on a 45 minute chase. We probably won't even hear about the report from another suspect in police custody who was riding in the van with Freddie Gray that Gray was, in fact, throwing *himself* around the van and possibly injured himself.

Frankly, I have to ask whether or not these officers were charged in an attempt to soothe the rioters, rather than dealing with the fact that these rioters SHOULD NOT BE RIOTING. Because rioting should not be okay in our society.

For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL: Protesting is not the same thing as rioting. Protesting is peaceful and does not damage any property. I've been part of protests. We didn't loot stores. We just wore tri-corner hats and talked about how we are "Taxed Enough Already" (TEA Party. Get it?)

The Left doesn't give a rats rear end about the truth of the story. It's all about the narrative -- and the narrative has to be "Police are evil and black people are still being oppressed. (It's still 1955 in Mississippi.)"  Neighborhood Liberals everywhere are wringing their hands and worrying and talking about "White Privilege" and feeling guilty that black people have to deal with such police harassment. (Actually, it turns out police are really only a problem, to people who, you know, BREAK THE LAW when we look at evidence instead of just allegations.)

Truly, it doesn't matter. People *feel* like they're oppressed (even if they aren't oppressed in reality), so therefore they can also break the law, damage property, attack police, etc.

It doesn't matter what the truth is, because according to the Left, it's ok to protest and/or riot. Because of what *might* have happened.

(But only if you ignore all that pesky evidence...)

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