Friday, September 9, 2011

Reactions to the Obama "Jobs Speech"

The President's speech was highly predictable.  He said nothing new, and anyone who is paying attention could have predicted Obama's plan.

Obama's new plan was just more "stimulus spending."  It was the same plan that failed miserably once before when they spent MORE.  More stimulus spending (although this time he didn't call it that), more "green jobs," and more spending on "green energy,"  more spending on infrastructure.  How's he going to pay for it?  "Raise revenue" and "ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share."  In other words, he wants to raise taxes on the very people who create jobs:  people who own businesses, including small businesses who file as sole proprietorships.

More of the same failed and/or damaging solutions. Why should we believe these solutions would work now? They haven't ever worked in history and they didn't work the first time Obama passed them into law.  For that matter, why haven't there been these new green jobs for 3 years and more spending on infrastructure? That's right...shovel ready wasn't so shovel ready, and Americans need JOBS period, not just a certain kind of liberal approved job. I for one am sick of the same tired, failed "solutions" from Obama that have yet to solve a single problem. In short, I'm tired of Obama efforting on the economy while doubling down on the same liberal socialist policies.

Friends, government can't stimulate an economy by inserting the money the government spends.  Here's why:  Government has no money.  They spend your money and my money.  Let me give you an example.  Let's say I have a bucket half full with water and I want to fill it all the way up.  Can I fill the bucket by taking a glass, scooping two glasses full of that water out of the bucket and setting it aside, then adding the same water back to the bucket?  No.  I'm just taking water out and then putting that water back in...except when the money gets funnelled through government  has some of it spent on bureaucracy so some of the money that was already in the economy falls into the government black hole!

That's what government spending is...taking money out of the economy in the form of taxes then putting it back in and calling it "stimulus."  You're not stimulating the economy by taxing money out of the economy then redistributing it into the economy any more than me taking my existing groceries out of the cupboard then putting them back equals grocery shopping.  It's just moving money.  That won't help the economy.

The President proved it by his "plan." Here's the point:  Barrack Obama is showing what Benjamin Franklin called "the definition of insanity" in that he's "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  Obama has no new plan.  He has the same failed plan that he'd like you to pretend didn't fail previously so he can try it again. He's asking for billions of dollars to spend that we don't have, again. We've had stimulus, we've had son of stimulus, we don't need a grandson of stimulus!  The Republican Party is doing America a favor by blocking this attempted insanity!

If the President actually wanted to help the economy, he'd make the current tax rates permanent (they are entering their eleventh year, they are no longer a cut folks) and give business owners the ability to do a legitimate cost-benefit analysis, reduce regulations, and generally get out of the private sector's way.  But Obama won't do that, because it doesn't advance his liberal socialist agenda. 

The President's speech was highly predictable. He said nothing new, and anyone who is paying attention could have predicted Obama's plan. Don't believe me? I'll prove it to you: I wrote my reactions to what Obama said in this speech on Tuesday, September 6th, two full days before the speech occured or the talking points leaked out. How'd I do? You saw the speech.

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