Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rubio's Not Ready to be President...Yet

A lot of conservatives are high on Senator Marco Rubio and I’m one of them. Let’s face it, the man has the ability to be a once in a generation type politician, the type of person who can become the next Ronald Reagan. That said we need to be patient. He’s not ready to be President, yet.

Let’s face the facts: He’s only 36 years old, only one year past the minimum to be President. He’s only been on the national scene for two years as a United States Senator. Before that, he spent ten years in the Florida State Legislature and served as the Speaker of the House for two years in that body. The reality is we have a young star who gives great speeches and doesn’t have a lot of experience. Sound familiar?

Now look…I’m not actually comparing Marco Rubio as a person to Barrack Obama. Rubio has real credentials and real experience, just not that much of it. He did more than just teach college and be a community organizer before entering politics. He has a voting record, he doesn’t just vote present. Also, his politics are better, he believes in America as founded and isn’t trying to change it…he’s trying to get America back to its founding principles.

However, I’ve got to be the voice of reason here. We’ve all spent the past few years absolutely blasting Obama for having no experience. We can’t turn around four years later and put up our own inexperienced candidate. There’s time for Rubio to make the national scene at the top of the ticket. Right now, we need him where he is…on the floor of the United States Senate.

There’s also a lot of people who are considering Rubio as a perfect Vice Presidential nominee for 2012. It’s a tempting idea, I must admit. However, I’m still concerned about this prospect for the same reason I’m concerned about Rubio as President. He’s quite young and, if we want him to be that phenomenal, history changing President that we all so desperately want him to be, we need to let him finish up his term in the Senate and perhaps serve a second one. I know, it means waiting ten years plus…twelve really, but he’d be only 48 years old and still young enough to be transformational.

Personally, I’d like to see Herman Cain as the Vice Presidential nominee in 2012 for so many reasons, not the least of which is wanting his private sector experience in the Executive Branch (also, it’d give a great answer to liberals who are claiming that we don’t like Obama because of his race). I’m excited for Rubio too…but since he doesn’t have a long history in either politics or the private sector, I don’t think the time is right. To use a baseball analogy, he needs more seasoning to be ready to be President.

Let him get that experience, then we’ll get our transformational president. Just be patient.

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