Thursday, September 6, 2012

Voters Say Obama Doesn't Deserve Re-Election

Well it's about time somebody reported this! According to a poll conducted by the Hill, 52% of Americans say no, they are not better off than they were 4 years ago. 54% say President Obama does not deserve a second term.

The poll, which consisted of 1000 Likely Voters, clearly gives it's polling sample...and for a nice surprise, it doesn't use a fantasy electorate! Instead of using previous Presidential elections and wishful thinking, the Hill has estimated a small advantage in voter turnout by Republicans (+2% turnout over Democrats) which, given the mood of the country and the fact that Republicans are more excited to vote than Democrats by 2 to 1, is actually a conservative estimate (no pun intended) for the GOP advantage in voter turnout in 2012.  The sample was 36% Republican, 34% Democrat and 30% Independent/Other.

Considering that a recent Rasmussen poll of personal party identification (not registration) shows that 37% of Americans self-identify as Republican while 33% self-identify as Democrats. This is significant, since recent polls showed an even trend when we consider self-identity with the GOP.

So when we look at a poll that actually resembles how the electorate will likely look in November, instead of a fantasy for how Democrats wish the electorate would look (through some miracle better for Democrats than 2008). So here in the real world, Democrats are primed to lose. Game on.

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