Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obama has Nothing Positive to Run on in 2012

Election season has officially begun in America. The Republican field is in full swing and even the President has started his campaigning (although he calls it other things).  So many conservatives are excited for 2012, and a few are concerned that the American people might make the same mistake twice and re-elect Obama.

Here is my question: What is Obama going to campaign on, "Yes we can?" Really?  We can?  Why haven't you done it if we can?  Oh wait, we've tried your ideas and it's failed.  Stimulus?  Failed, twice.  Obamacare?  Nobody wants it.  Unemployment won't go past 8%?  What's unemployment again? (For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, it's 9.1% and 18.2% under employment according to Gallup)  Shovel ready jobs?  Weren't so shovel ready, now where they, Mr. President? 

Here's my point:  President Obama cannot go to the American people and say "give me four years more and I'll do more of what I've been doing and bring you similar results," at least not if he wants to win. He can't run ads like this:

A lot of people would LOVE to go back to where things were four years ago. Under the leadership of President Obama, people feel like this:


That doesn't speak well for Obama. President Obama can only say "Yes we can...blame everyone but my administration."  He'll say it's Bush's fault, he'll blame earthquakes, killer bees, whatever he has to do to deceive Americans.  But he can't run on his record, because his record is awful.  The President is in trouble in 2012, because he has failed to do what he promised.  We aren't better off.  The only promise he kept was "change"...unfortunately he changed in his bad policies.

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