Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's Waste of Time (and Money) Tour

Today, President Obama is concluding his three day "listening tour" where he is, predictably, claiming to be focusing on jobs (and when he's claimed to focus on jobs for the last 2 years and 8 months, he was...ummm).  He's also wasting money...OUR money.  The truth is the President is campaigning, and he's doing it on the public dime. More importantly, something tells me Obama ISN'T listening to what America is saying, mainly because they're telling him something he doesn't want to hear.

Fact:  66% of Americans supported the Cut, Cap and Balance plan during the debt limit debate and 74% favor passing a Balanced Budget Amendment. (1)  Obama ignored them.

Fact:  Obama's approval rating in the President's job approval are 39% - Gallup (2) and 42% - Rasmussen Report (3).  Clearly, Americans don't want Obama to continue on the same path.

Fact:  In 2010, Obama's policies were "shellacked" by the American people, who voted for a change of direction.

Fact: 54% of Americans want Obamacare repealed. (2) Yet Obama ignores the possibility of repeal.

Fact:  President Obama didn't listen to the American people as it pertains to any of these issues over the past nearly three years, because if he did, he would have changed policies.

Why should we believe he'll listen now?  The answer is we shouldn't believe it for a moment.  (If you do believe Obama is listening to us, I've got a beautiful piece of ocean-front property to sell you in Iowa and I'll give it to you for a rock bottom price.)  The President has shown to be completely tone deaf on what the American people want.  Obama is a rigid idealouge who is far more concerned with advancing his liberal, socialist agenda than he is with helping the country.  He is absolutely ignoring what the people want because it's devastating to his political ends. 

The people want a balanced budget, and Obama agreed to a set of cuts which, if they happen in their entirety, only reduces the deficit by only 15% and continues to add about $1.5 Trillion to our national debt each year.  (5) For those of you from Palm Beach County, FL, that means Obama only agreed to do 15% of what the American people specifically wanted.

What makes this worse is the fact that the taxpayer's money is being spent.  This is a political tour that is kicking off Obama's reelection campaign.  I understand that incumbents campaign, I truly do.  I also understand that said campaigning out to be done using campaign funds, not spending $1.1 Million in taxpayer money.  (6)  Oh, and while Obama is out lecturing us to buy American products, his bus tour is using Canadian made buses.  Mr. Obama, if you were going to blow $1.1 Million in taxpayer money, couldn't you have at least bought American made buses?

This tour is an example of Obama's typical tin ear politics.  He's not listening, and he does not care what the people want.  He just wants us to foot the bill for his liberal politics. Well, Mr. Obama, I hope you're listening:  We don't want your liberal policies!  In 2012, the American people will send you that message in a way that you can't ignore voting you out of office.


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