Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Nancy Pelosi: We Don't WANT to Agree with You!

Last week, Nancy Pelosi urged Republicans to “take back their party.”  She believes that if Republicans would just forfeit and act like Democrats, elections won’t “mean that much.”  Anybody surprised?  Nancy Pelosi does not want to lose the sweet deal she and the Democratic Party have had with the GOP the last fifteen years or so.  Ever since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives for the first time in generations in 1994, the Democrats have had Republicans who are terribly quick to play the “compromise” game which translates into giving the Democrats half of what they want when Republicans are in power.  Of course, Democrats proceed to get 100% of what they want when they are in power, meaning Democrats always get the long end of the stick.

Pelosi sees the writing on the wall.  She realizes the political threat that we in the Tea Party represent.  Her perfect world where Liberals are guaranteed at least 50% of their desires in all political dealings is about to go bye-bye because we will continue to hold the leadership of the Republican Party to the fire when they are too quick to compromise.   Pelosi, along with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and so many other Liberal Democrats are trying to appeal to the RINOs in the Republican Party to “take the party back” so we can go back to everyone being varying degrees of Liberal.

My message to the Republican Party is (please grab the nearest Republican Party leadership member of whatever rank you can find and shout this at them):  DON’T DO IT!  Pelosi is not out for your better good and she is not out for the best for the country.  Nancy Pelosi is concerned with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.  She knows real competition from the GOP is the end of the sweet deal she’s had for years.  Yet if we want the country to go back to what made America great in the first place, we MUST fight.

Despite what Liberal academics keep telling you, “getting along” isn’t necessarily a good thing, and neither is “getting things done.”  As far as “getting along” is concerned, there is nothing wrong with civil discourse.  That being said, civility is not an issue that Conservatives need improvement.   What was the last time you heard a news report about a rank and file Conservative threatening somebody’s life?  (Newsflash, the Ku Klux Klan does not have Conservatives.  They have fascists.)  What was the last time that Republicans said that Democrats want old people to die and if they live they want them to eat dog food?  The answer is never.  Even though Liberalism is legitimately a racist mentality, how often do you hear Conservatives call Liberals racist?  (PS I’m going to delve into that further in an upcoming post when the news cycle gives me a day that doesn’t require a timely response.)   The answer is you don’t hear that at all from Conservatives.  From legitimate nut-job extremists like the KKK (who are the REAL right-wing extremists by the way) you hear that, and from Liberals (who are legitimate left-wing extremists).

There used to be something called the Arena of Ideas.  Notice the sports metaphor.  In the Arena of Ideas, people let their ideas compete with other ideas.  People debated.  They discussed ideas based not on intentions but on results.  People were vying not only to persuade each other but to persuade all who were hearing the debate.  Ideas competed like sports teams with the scoreboard being elections.

We’ve lost that in our society, and that is sad.  One of the things Liberal Academia has brainwashed people into believing is the idea that we should all happily coexist with our differing ideas and never try to persuade each other of our own ideas.  While this is a good idea at a family reunion or even at the office, in the area of political discourse that is baloney.    Political ideas ought to be competing for votes.  Conservatives are generally fine with this concept, while Liberals don’t want to have to stand up for their opinions in the Arena of Ideas because their ideas don’t provide results.

Rush Limbaugh has recently commented that Conservatives have a distinct advantage in this political discourse:  the truth.  What Conservatives want to put into practice WORKS.  We have a history of successfully raising more tax revenue through lower taxes.  We have a successful track record of booming economies where EVERYBODY is doing well.  Liberalism has nothing but stories of laws passed (regardless of their success) and good intentions.  When you look at the results of Liberal polices what do you see?  You see stories of crippling debt and deficits, failed programs which we’re told we need to keep pouring money into so they will work.  Look at the War on Poverty.  We have set piles upon piles of money on fire in order to fight poverty and yet the only real result of the War on Poverty is to make poverty a more comfortable situation (and one that people are willing to stay in) and more poverty.

As such I think it is quite obvious why Liberals do not want to go toe to toe in the Arena of Ideas.  That’s why Liberals have to say that Republicans want to take away senior citizen’s health care by ending Medicare and that Republicans want to eliminate Social Security.  Of course, they do not want that.  No Republican has recommended ending Social Security or ending Medicare.  Some have suggested means testing Social Security and Medicare, perhaps changing the retirement age for Social Security, all very reasonable (and fiscally sound) recommendations.  If Liberals actually spoke their intentions truthfully it would sound like this:

“We propose to spend taxpayer dollars on whatever will get us votes.  Do you want government to pay you to sculpt sculptures or paint paintings?  Even if it’s lousy?  Sure.  You’re going to vote for us right?  We will pay for absolutely everybody to receive food stamps, even if you have plenty of money to pay for food.  You’re going to vote for us right?  We will spend however much money we need to so that you will vote for us, and if we don’t have the money we will borrow it.

“By the way, you’re not smart enough to decide what food to eat.  We propose that you let us decide for you what you should eat.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you don’t have that make smart decisions for yourself or be free to make bad ones.  You should never smoke cigarettes because they’re bad for you, but we do need the tax dollars we get from it so keep smoking, but be aware that we’re going to talk about how bad it is for you.  Bear in mind we TOTALLY want you to keep smoking though…we need the tax dollars to buy votes. 

“Green Energy is not close to being developed.  We don’t have enough wind and solar technology to power a sizable farm much less to power the country.  Nonetheless, we want you to pretend that solar and wind power to replace fossil fuels.  Oh and please pretend ethanol is developed enough to be useful on a massive scale, regardless of the fact that there isn’t enough land in the world to grow enough corn to power the United States for a week and a half.  Oh and it’s going to cause the price of food to go up a ton.  But you feel guilty about something or other so you’ll believe us about this Green Energy, so it will definitely make you feel better (even though it won’t do a darn thing to save the planet. 

“In conclusion, vote Democrat, we’ll give you anything you ask for, funded by taxpayers.”

You couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher with that rhetoric.  Conservatives can talk about freedom to choose for yourself, about self reliance, about the successes of Economic Conservatism, the Laffer Curve and the increase in tax revenue when tax rates are kept low.  In short, we have positive things to talk about.  In a straight up debate about ideas, Conservatives will win. 

This is why Nancy Pelosi wants Republicans to agree to forfeit the true advantage we have in the truth.  She knows that the Tea Party is calling for the GOP to stand up and fight toe to toe and to talk about the truth that we have in our back pocket.  She wants us to pretend we’re even close on ideas so that the American people don’t see the legitimate differences between Republicans and Democrats.  When the choice is between Democrats and Diet Democrats in the GOP, many people will just go with Democrats.  It’s similar to when people said “New Coke tastes like Pepsi.  I might as well just drink Pepsi.”  Continuing the metaphor, however, when Americans are given the choice between Pepsi and Coca-Cola Classic, Coke wins.  Conservatives (and by extension Republicans) are Coca-Cola Classic.  When we stand for the Constitution, we’re baseball, apple pie, and road trips to the Grand Canyon.  

When we stand up and say we’re Conservatives and here’s what we stand for, we win.  Real Conservatism wins every single time it’s effectively communicated.  Liberalism never fails to fail when it’s put into practice and never fails to lose when Conservatism succeeds in explaining what Liberalism means. 
Nancy Pelosi, the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere.  You’re easy days are done.  You now have to deal with political discourse.  Deal with it, because we’re here to stay.

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