Monday, April 25, 2011

The Inherent Racism of Liberalism

Last month I penned a post The Real History of Democrats and Republicans.  Since then I was told that Republicans are inherently racist by a Liberal who could not present a single example of racism by Republicans and backed their argument based on the fact that a) I couldn’t prove that I’m NOT racist (an argumentation fallacy, by the way, the burden of proof is on the affirmative) and b) if I wasn’t a racist I’d know all the evidences for the Republican party’s inherent racism.  Coupled with this brilliant demonstration of Liberal logic, I was also asked by a (Conservative) friend how the Democrats indeed went from being legitimately radically right wing to being radically left wing.  

The former conversation, which legitimately gave me a headache due to its foolishness and the latter conversation brought up an excellent question which bears discussion:  How did the Democratic Party go from the right wing to the left?  What happened to the legitimate racism of the Democratic Party?  History shows that no, the Republican Party of today is not the Democratic Party of yesterday, regardless of what Liberals who hate their party’s history would like you to believe.   So what happened to Democrats?  Did they turn on a dime and cease their racism?

To answer that question, one must understand the ultimate mental disorder that causes racism.  Personally I have never believed the canned answer from school that racism is a product of fear.  Rather, I believe racism is a product of a controlling spirit.  (For those of you in Palm Beach County, FL, that’s the desire to control other people’s lives to make yourself feel powerful.)   It’s the same set of mental issues that causes bullying.  Racism is about subordinating people to your desires.  Same goes with slavery, and, if you will follow me on this intellectual journey, Liberalism.

If you’re a regular visitor to Biblical Conservatism, something tells me you’ve seen Roots or some other fictional account of slavery, you’ll hear historically accurate accounts of slave owners referring to their human chattel as “like children” or “too stupid to make their own way.”  In reality, of course, slaves were intentionally kept ignorant so that they did not know enough to follow the natural human desire for freedom. (For those of you from Palm Beach, ignorance is defined as "the state of being uninformed.") Slaves were thought to be incapable of caring for themselves, and actually being better off being slaves so their masters could care for them.  (In reality of course, given the same freedom to achieve people of all races are capable of achieving great things.)  

Now compare this to the modern Democratic Party.  Minorities are told they can’t achieve without affirmative action programs that give special consideration to them because of their race.  They are told they need government to provide them with food through food stamps, healthcare through Medicaid, and income through unemployment insurance or welfare.  You can’t obtain high wages without a Union to take care of you.  Just vote for Democrats and they’ll provide you with your food, healthcare, and income.

Here’s the hard truth that Liberal Academia never told you: Democrats never stopped being racist.  Liberalism is a highly racist doctrine.  It believes that minorities can’t achieve on their own, that minorities need Liberals to take care of them.  Instead of being legal property of slaveholders, minorities are now expected to work the Liberal plantation by voting Democrat.   The only thing that has changed from the days of segregation is a change in the method of control.  Instead of separate bathrooms, restaurants and train cars, Liberals now use the welfare state to keep minorities down.  It is masquerading as benevolence, but it still serves to control the lives of others. 

Except this controlling spirit isn’t limited just to race anymore, it extends to anyone who can be convinced to let Liberals run their lives.  They tell you that you can’t decide what kind of food to eat for yourself, so they have to make trans-fats in restaurants illegal to protect you from yourself.  You aren’t smart enough to make the adult decision to smoke, even though you know the health detriments, so we have to force you to stop.  The exact same controlling spirit that caused slavery, that caused segregation, that caused certain individuals to tell other people “you have to do what I say” is now being directed at all people who are willing to be controlled by Liberals.

You’re too stupid and you’re like a child and need to be cared for stopped being directed only at black people and was pointed at everyone.  Now everybody is too stupid to care for themselves and need their masters, the government, to care for them.

Compare this to Republicans, who, by the way, have continued to say that people of all races can achieve through their own hard work.   You can do it, and you can do it on your own.  You can work hard in high school and get yourself into a good college.  You can work your way through college on your own and get a good job.  You can work your way up in a company and earn yourself pay raises and promotions to better yourself.  With the blessings of the good Lord, the sweat of your brow, and the freedom God created you to possess, you can achieve great things for yourself!  You don't need government to do it...YOU can do it!

I, for one, am sick to death of being told that Conservatives and Republicans are racist.  We're not opposed to giving minorities government benefits in large quantities, we're opposed to giving PEOPLE government benefits in large quantities. We are opposed to government being the provider in people's lives, regardless of what they look like.  We want to teach people to fish, not give them fish. 

Liberals, on the other hand, think you can't achieve, that they have to help you to let you achieve.  They believe this is especially true if you are a minority.  They tell minorities that you can't succeed on your own, you need our help.  Anyone else think THAT sounds racist?

Yet Conservatives are told that we are the racists.  We’re told we’re racist because we believe people of all races can indeed achieve, all by themselves, if they are just given freedom to achieve.  We’re racist because we don’t want to buy the votes of minorities by making them comfortable enough in poverty that they are willing to stay in that poverty.  We’re told we’re racist because we believe that if people of all races are given the opportunity to achieve they will indeed achieve just as well as any other person.  We say “yes YOU can.”

Here's the truth: Liberalism is racist. Any philosophy that says that you can't achieve something due to your race is racist.  It does not matter if you claim you have a good heart in your racism...many southern masters claimed that of their slaves, too.  A truly post-racial philosophy doesn't tell people all the reasons they are victims and why they can't succeed.  A truly post-racial society says, "The racism of the past is over.  Now you can achieve on your own with the same hard work as anybody else. We are all the same, and now we all have the same opportunities.  Do what you can with those opportunities, we're rooting for you!"

It's the Liberals who say you can't.  It's Conservatives who say you can.  So which philosophy is racist?  Answer: Liberalism.

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