Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Racist Cries at Tea Party Are Ad Homonym and False

The latest accusation of "racism" directed toward the Tea Party has hit the fan, in the form of a private where Obama is depicted as a monkey.  For the record, here is the picture:

Liberals, with their typical assumptions, went straight to calling it racist. To Liberals, what else could it be but racism, right?  It's the typical ad homonym argument from Liberals which attacks first and asks questions second.  Of course, the media doesn't mention the fact that it was a joke directed at birthers, saying this is the reason why Obama won't show a birth certificate is because his parents weren't human. Yes, I know calling black people "monkeys" was a favorite of legitimate racists forty years ago.  I also know Democrats frequently use the exact same type of rhetoric directed at Republicans and nobody sees an issue.  They use it to call someone a fool. Consider this image:


Liberals, of course, see absolutely nothing wrong with this particular image.  They explain it as calling Bush a fool.  It's not possible, of course, that the image of Obama was calling him a fool in a family of fools, right? It has to be racist. They draw out the race card constantly as it pertains to Obama.  I will grant you, perhaps the monkey imagery was in poor taste given the racial past of our nation.  That being said, Obama's supporters have used the "you're racist" argument to silence opponents since he hit the national scene.  Don't believe me?  Then explain to my why THIS image was also called racist:

To anyone not looking to find racism in an image, this looks like a clever pun on the symbol of the Democratic Party Donkey (4) and calling Obama a fool.  Yet the exact same Liberals claimed this, too, was racist. Because racists in the past called black people donkeys right?  They didn't?  Huh.

Herein lies the real issue.  Cries of "racist" are used by Liberals to silence Obama's critics.  They would like you to believe that if Obama was white, there would be no such objections to his policies from the Tea Party and Conservatives.  They'll tell you the facts back it up in history.  Of course, that means we disliked the policies of these politicians because they're black too, right?

2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator John F. Kerry (D)
42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton (D)

39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter (D)
36th President of the United States Lyndon Johnson (D)
Wait a second, all four of those men are white!  Yet Conservatives didn't like their policies either.  Yet all four of these men have one major thing in common with President Obama.  are you ready?  THEY'RE ALL LIBERALS!  Yep, that's the common thread between all four of them. Conservatives did not like any of them politically.  In their day, each one of them was attacked for their policies very similarly to the way Barrack Obama is being attacked now.  

Let's look at the other side of this coin.  According to Liberal rhetoric, you'd believe Conservatives only support the following politicians because they're white, right?
Conservative Columnist and Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain

55th Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal (R)

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida (R)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Appointed by President George H.W. Bush (R) in 1990)
Wait a minute...those people aren't white.  There are two men of African decent, one man of Indian decent and one man of Cuban decent.  Shouldn't the supposedly racist Conservatives and Tea Party members hate these men too?  Yet these individuals are actually Tea Party favorites!

Here's the point:  The Tea Party isn't racist.  Conservatives aren't racist.  It's just an ad homonym argument Liberals who don't want to enter into a real discussion with us.  As I've demonstrated time and time again, Conservatism has a major advantage over Liberalism: results.  Conservatism works.  Even the examples Liberals try to give for Conservatism failing, the real issue is Liberalism hampering Conservatism. 

For example, Liberals will tell you Reaganomics didn't work because of the huge deficits created in the 80s.  Of course, what they don't tell you is that Reagan doubled tax revenues, while Liberal Democrats in Congress continued to spend $1.80 of what was brought in.  In other words, Liberals were spending 180% of tax receipts. When tax receipts were increased to a point where, if spending remained the same, should have resulted in a 20% surplus, the Liberals in Congress instead doubled their spending also, leaving with an equal percentage of deficit and a higher total dollar amount of deficit. 

History proves Conservatism and disproves Liberalism.  Liberals can't stand toe to toe with Conservatives on policy. They are TERRIFIED politically of the Tea Party because the Tea Party offers Americans a real choice, which the old guard Republican Party doesn't offer.  So they try to tear us down.  They call us racist so they can claim that we're illegitimate.  We aren't illegitimate. We're the voice of common sense in a nonsensical world.

I challenge every Liberal who reads this to stop the mudslinging.  The Tea Party is not racist.  We are rejecting a socialist President, not a black President.  Drop the ad homonym arguments and fight fair.  Or are you afraid of a fair fight?

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