Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Day Open Letter to the Republican Party

Dear Republican Party:

Now is not the time to forfeit.  Now is not the time to play the losing compromise game.  Please hear me:  The Democratic Party will not compromise with you when they come to power.  They will tell you “elections have consequences, and we won.”  The Mainstream Media will NEVER give you a fair report, get over it.

That being said, it’s not 1994 anymore.   In 1994 there was ABC, NBC, ABC and CNN.  All you had was Rush Limbaugh and some local radio outlets.   That’s not the case anymore.  You’ve got Fox News for one, who has more viewers than the networks combined.  You don’t just have Rush now, you’ve got Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and others on the radio.  You’ve got the new media.  You’ve got thousands upon thousands of bloggers like me who may not have millions of readers but you get a few dozen readers here, a few dozen for another blog and a few dozen for another. 

Unfortunately, you seem keen on losing people like us.  You want to ignore the Tea Party because we don’t want to play the Washington compromise game.  We won’t play the game because quite frankly America cannot afford more taxes and America cannot afford more borrowing.  The time has come to   say goodbye to the days of pork barrel spending on Cowboy Poetry.  Scratch that: it’s time to say goodbye to Medicare for all senior citizens, regardless of need.  It’s time to end the ponzi scheme that is Social Security and turn it back into the safety net it was designed to be.  For crying out loud please just let someone like me who is 27 years old take the money I’m required by law to set on fire each paycheck that I’m told is going into the “social security trust fund” and instead invest it myself.  I know I’m never going to see it when I retire.  I’m not expecting to see it.  Stop robbing my paycheck so you can keep the scheme going.

Here’s the point, and there is no two ways around it.  The Republican Party has two choices.  One, quit playing games, live up to the Conservative values you claim to hold and stand up with the Tea Party.  The Tea Party is the one group in the political landscape that terrifies the Democratic Party.  They know that we have the ability to change hearts and minds in America, heck, we’ve already done it.  Do you think you would’ve had that historic election in 2010 without us?  Newsflash, you wouldn’t have.  We have the ear of Americans.  The reason you haven’t been able to win before is because most Americans think there is minimal difference between Democrats and Republicans.  They do know that there is a difference with the Tea Party. 

We stand for more than party politics.  We stand for the Constitution of the United States.  We stand for freedom, for limited government, for personal accountability.  We believe that the government that governs least governs best.  We believe that when people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny, but where government is afraid of the people there is liberty.  We are organized, and we are organized peacefully and respectfully.  We clean up after ourselves when we protest.  We protest AFTER WORK so we’re not leaving America standing still to make our fuss.  And in case you haven’t figured it out, we’re Republicans, at least for now. 

Which brings me to the second option:  You could lose us and split the Republican Party.  I spend a lot of time on the Twitter wire with many, many Tea Party Patriots.  They are ready to separate from the GOP.  They are ready to run Tea Party candidates separate from the Republican Party in 2012.  There are a few of us who prefer to work within the framework of the Republican Party.  Some of your gooses are already cooked.  You RINOs are staring down the face of a primary challenge in 2012 from the Tea Party.  There are others, though, who I think are legitimate Conservatives but are too afraid to be called evil by the Media.   Speaker Boehner, I believe you’re one of those.  If you stand up and you fight for real Conservative principles, and I mean 100%, the Tea Party is going to have your back.  We’re going to hit the Twitter wire, the blogosphere, the message boards, volunteer for your campaigns and fight for your reelection.  We will have your back, if you have ours.

Or we can be on the other side of the ballot battle.  We can create a three party system.  And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Republican Party is going to be the third party.  Americans are sick and tired of Diet Democrats in the GOP.  The Tea Party offers a legitimate difference of option.  The Republican Party is starting to not offer much of a choice.  Granted, a boat with three holes is better than a boat with ten holes, but given enough time both boats will sink.  Right now the Republican Party is offering the American people the choice between terrible ideas with the Democrats and mediocre ideas from the Republicans.  When the Tea Party gave the country a third choice, good ideas, guess what happened!  They flocked to the Tea Party!

That being said, such a move will nearly guarantee Obama a second term.  Do you REALLY want to do that?  If you roll over, it will become a reality. This country cannot afford another Obama term.  Hear me and hear me well:  America does not want you to compromise.  Nancy Pelosi wants you to compromise. That's what she meant by her call for Republicans to "take back their party."  She wants you to be wishy washy.  She doesn't want to lose the perfect world for her, that Republicans submit when out of power and compromise when in power.  She should not get it though.  Don't chicken out, GOP.

It’s up to you, Republican Party.  Those of you who legitimately want real Conservatism, this is your chance.  RINOs, the clock is ticking, and quite frankly you’re better off just changing your registration to Democrat.  You vote that way anyway.  We're going to send you a primary challenge in 2012 to replace you with a real Conservative.  To the John Boehners of the world, we’ve got a place for you, if you live up to your principles.  The Tea Party is absolutely taking over the political landscape.  It’s up to you, Republicans.  Come with us and we can take America back to our Constitutional roots.  Or, we do it anyway, at the ballot box, without you.  I devoutly hope you will join us, but if not we will become your political opponents.  We will fight to vote you out.  It’s up to you.  I close with this plea:  Come to the light side.  We have voters.  

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