Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carville Says 2012 Could Be Rough for Obama

The recent news regarding 2012 is now showing my predictions about Obama to be accurate. Drive-By Media rats are starting to leave the SS Obama. Monday, James Carville stood up and said precisely what I’ve been saying (in different words, of course).

“If 54,000 new jobs is the new standard, it’s going to be a very, very rough 2012 for President Obama.” – James Carville in the Daily Caller (1)

Carville, Mr. “It’s the economy, stupid,” is saying what national Conservative voices like Limbaugh and Hannity as well as lowly bloggers like yours truly have been saying for months. Obama is in a heap of political trouble.

Why wouldn’t he be? As I’ve said over and over again, 9.1% unemployment should be Obama’s middle name to whomever the GOP ultimately nominates. Gas prices have recently dipped a bit, but that’s on the back of the rest of the commodities market, scratch that, the rest of the stock market, crashing. (Also, the GOP voting to end Obama’s moratorium on deep water drilling caused the speculators to speculate down.)

It’s not just Carville, by the way. Remember a few weeks ago I trashed a bad CNN poll? Another frequent perpetrator of such poll fixing, ABC/Washington Post, has shown Obama’s fortune dropping. In a new ABC/Washington Post poll, has issued a new with Obama at 47% approval and 49% disapproval, a drop of 9%. With “adults,” by the way, Democrats tend to gain points. Polls of “likely voters” generally correct to the right, as the typical right wing voter is more likely to show up to vote than the typical left wing voter. (2)

Also, as dealt with last week, Obama’s approval ratings on the important issues like the Economy are in the tank. He’s currently at 40% approval and 59% disapproval in the aforementioned ABC/Washington Post Poll on the question of his handling of the economy. Only 32% say the country is on the right track with 66% saying the country is on the wrong track. only 42% say the recovery has begun from the recession that is supposedly over, 57% say it has not begun. Of the 42% who inexplicably say that the economy has begun its recovery, 81% say it is a weak recovery.

Carville is dead right. Obama is in deep trouble in 2012. I predict that Carville is the first of many rats to leave this sinking ship. Oh, one more number from that poll: 45% of those polled say they will definitely not vote for Obama. Only 24% said they will definitely vote for him. 29% said they would consider it. Think about that for a moment. If say, 1/3 of those people who say they will consider voting for Obama don’t, that would equal 54% of people voting against him, and Obama is electorally toast. (Don’t forget, once we drop those who are not likely to vote, Obama’s numbers will probably get worse.)

I’m beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of a primary challenge to Obama. Maybe Hillary Clinton…after all, Carville is a big Clintonista. The Drive-By Media, while publicly maintaining the Obama-mania, also have a far bigger goal of pushing Liberalism on the American public, and that’s just not going to happen if the most Liberal President in history goes down in flames in 2012. This narrative may be the first sign that the Media is dropping Obama.

At any rate, if I can borrow a line from Rush Limbaugh (as if this was the first time), see, I told you so. Obama’s in trouble. Now even the Democrats and Liberal Media are getting the message. Time to ramp up for a great 2012 opportunity, and that opportunity is a real Conservative President who can knock the Democratic Party back to 1984 in national electoral politics. Game on.


(1) Daily Caller - Carville: 2012 could be ‘very rough’ for Obama, says civil unrest ‘imminently possible’

(2) Newsweek - How to Read a Political Poll

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