Friday, June 3, 2011

Even in Liberal Polls, Obama Not Looking Good in 2012

Recently the Lamestream Media has been claiming Barrack Obama is all but unbeatable in 2012 and putting out polls with skewed samples to prove it. Those of you who read Biblical Conservatism regularly know that one of my favorite things to do here is to break down those polls to find the real truth of the situation. Buried deep in the most recent CNN Presidential Approval Poll is some very telling data.

For the record, I still have zero trust in CNN polls. They are one of the most Liberal outlets and have a track record of cooking up polls that are heavily skewed Democrat in an effort to show that their side is stronger than it is in reality. For the record, this is a poll of adults, so it is already going to be more generous to the person in office than a poll of likely voters. This poll has all the same signs of being skewed to help Obama, which makes the details within the poll even more telling.

The top number, which is all that got reported in this poll, showed Obama having an approval rating of 54% and a disapproval rating of 45%. For a better comparison, Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll for Thursday showed Obama with an approval rating of 49% and disapproval rating of 50%. (Six point swing to the negative when you lose the people who don’t vote.) However, the rest of the data suggests that, while people may think well of Obama as a person, they don’t think well of his policies where it counts the most.

Obama received respectable marks on Terrorism (65% approval), Afghanistan (55% approval) and Iraq (54% approval). That being said, he received those ratings on topics where he continued George W. Bush’s policies (you know, the ones who promised to change). Unfortunately for Obama, he can’t claim credit for them for that reason alone. More importantly, when we delve into the issues that are central troubles to Americans, Obama is not doing well at all. Here are some specifics:

Taxes: 46% Approve - 53% Disapprove
The Situation in Libya: 45% Approve – 48% Disapprove
The Situation between Israel and Palestine: 44% Approve – 49% Disapprove
Medicare: 44% Approve – 53% Disapprove

Health Care Policy: 40% Approve – 57% Disapprove

The Federal Budget Deficit: 34% Approve – 64% Disapprove

Gas Prices: 25% Approve – 73% Disapprove

Ouch. On the issues that affect people day to day like taxes, gas prices, health care, Obama is doing quite poorly. And remember, this is with adults, so he’s likely to lose a few points with those who actually show up to vote (say, 6%). And this is what CNN’s poll is showing.

I chose CNN for a very specific reason. As one of the great Liberal bastions, even they are showing Obama as having a bad rating on the issues that affect people’s lives. As much of a victory as the death of Bin Laden was for America, it did not affect the lives of Americans on a daily basis. How many gas pumps do YOU drive past daily to remind you that you’re paying twice as much for gas as you were paying three years ago? When you’re seeing our paycheck buy less thanks to Obama inflation then hear Obama and the Democrats say that we have to pay more in taxes to pay for their drunken spending, that sure effects your daily life.

It also suggests that Obama is going to have some trouble with groups that Democrats need to win. For example, Obama is at -5% approval on his handling of Israel and Palestine. While Jewish-Americans tend to lean Democrat, Obama’s poor policy regarding our allies in Israel will hurt him with that group. Obama is at -9% approval on Medicare, which is going to hurt him with senior citizens. Obama is at -17% approval on Health Care, and that’s his signature legislation. On the deficit, he’s at -30% approval, and that’s going to be a central issue in 2012. On gas prices, Obama is at -48% approval, which affects the middle class and the poor, a group that Obama has to win to be re-elected.

This is precisely why I say Obama is highly beatable in 2012. As we get closer to the election, Americans are going to be reminded that it’s Barrack Obama who is presiding over those $4 per gallon gas prices by refusing to allow us to get the oil we have in our own country out of the ground and maintaining environmental regulations to a point where it is simply not profitable to open more refineries which would make the cost per gallon less by reducing the cost of production. Americans will have no choice but to remember that Obama would rather wax intellectual about pie in the sky “green energy” sources that are as close to being reality as cars that run on pixie dust and rainbows. They will remember that raising taxes on business owners won’t help them find new jobs. Even now, on the things that matter to the daily lives of Americans, they strongly disapprove of Obama. With a Republican nominee who will call Obama out on these policies, Obama is in deep trouble in 2012.

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