Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Liberals - THESE Are the People you Think Should Run our Lives?

The recent Anthony Weiner scandal has dominated the nation news scene, and it got me thinking. No, I’m not going to delve into that scandal, because it’s just not worth discussing here. However, the Rep. Weiner scandal does point out a major issue with Liberalism that I have previously mentioned in passing: THESE are the supposedly brilliant people to whom we are supposed to submit our life’s decisions?

Think about it. We are told quite constantly how smart Liberals are, that they are the best and brightest and that they understand the best things for us to do with our lives. We should let them decide for us what to eat, what cars to drive, what sort of home we should buy. Yet I say that my decisions are infinitely better for myself than somebody who doesn’t know that it’s a bad idea to send pictures of his own private parts on the internet.

This mistake of Weiner’s is one of the most “duh” things on the planet! First and foremost, there are laws preventing individuals from displaying certain parts of their bodies in public. That’s one. Two, as somebody who has been relatively successful in my days of being single at attracting worthwhile companions of the female half of the species, I can tell you such things like “charm” and “kindness” and “having a good job” are far better ways to attract women. I innately knew that when I was thirteen and started to date (although while in high school I got away with not having a good job). It was something that my mother taught me, that my father taught me, that my tutor in the ways of treating women, my late Uncle Scott, taught me, that my grandfather taught me. Only scumbag men would resort to exposing themselves to a woman, and only a tramp would be seduced by that exposure.

I got that at 13 years old. Yet I’m supposed to believe a man who DOESN’T understand this fact is smarter than me and better to tell me how to live my life? While you’re contemplating that, let me give you a few more examples that aren’t so offensive in nature but still aren’t qualified to make decisions on my life (1):

- Former Vice President Al Gore, who lectures all of us to live “green” lives, but his home uses $30,000 annually in electricity. According to the Liberal www.energyhog.org, the average family uses $2150 in annual electricity. So Gore uses just under 15 times as much energy as the average family, yet lectures us about our consumption! He also flies everywhere in a private jet while telling us to buy fuel efficient, lawnmower sized cars.

- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bashes businesses for not using union labor, but does not use union labor in the vineyard, restaurants and hotel chain that she owns.

- President Barrack Obama presumes to tell business owners to “step up and hire,” but he has never run a business and never had to make a payroll or keep a business profitable.

These are the people who we should listen to, hypocrites and those with no experience? While you ask yourself that question, let me give you another thought. Who DO you listen to in your day to day life? I’ll tell you whose opinions I respect:

- Jesus Christ: It is Biblical Conservatism, after all. Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who created me and you, came to Earth, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead. The only perfect person who ever lived, and is alive and well today. He created me, so I trust who He told me to be in His Word, the Bible.

- My parents: Whether it be advice about how to have a successful relationship/marriage (they celebrated 30 years of marriage this past October) or how to have a successful career (my mother is an MSW in Social Work with 30 years of great experience in counseling, my father has achieved an executive level position with a pool products company despite having never gone to college) or, if the Lord chooses to so bless me in the future, how to be a parent (they have raised two of their own children who are functioning adults with college degrees and good jobs and also a third adopted child who starts college in the fall), they have real experience that I trust to help me make life decisions. They have also owned a home (still do), paid their taxes, voted, purchased automobiles, and maintained a family budget, not to mention both parents have run a business (they managed a pizza place when they met, plus Dad is now President of a company as I mentioned before).

- My late grandfather: Like my parents, Papap was married to my grandmother for over 40 years until he died of Leukemia in 1999. Although he was the son of a poor farmer, he was able to work his way through Pittsburg University to get a degree in Engineering and became a supervising engineer for General Electric’s radar department during the Cold War. He and my grandmother have also owned a home (Gram still does), paid their taxes, voted, purchased automobiles, and maintained a family budget.

- My Pastor: My spiritual advisor and a mentor. He and his wife have He have also owned a home (they still do), paid their taxes, voted, purchased automobiles, maintained a family budget, and are currently raising two boys (they are currently teenagers, and fine young men, I might add).

See, these five people whose opinions do matter to me don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They’ve proven their trustworthiness to me. In the case of my parents and grandfather, they proved themselves to me from the day I was born as people worthy of my ear. My Pastor proved himself to me as worthy of listening to in the four years since I’ve been in his congregation. For the record, I am someone who doesn’t just assume clergy as a valid person worth listening to, I wait to see the fruit of their life. Seeing that fruit in my pastor’s life is the reason I respect and trust his opinions. Jesus I met at age eight and have walked with Him for the rest of my life, (save for a two year period where I walked away from my faith). He has proven Himself faithful to me day by day, more than anyone else I have mentioned.

Here’s the important thing, however (with the exception of Christ, who is absolutely in charge of my life) I trust the above individuals as counselors and advisors in my life. I also believe there is one more person who is far better to direct my life: me. I was raised by good parents and Godly parents with other Godly influences in my life like my grandparents and my church. I have the Bible as my daily bread to guide me. With those things at my side, I know that I can make wise decisions for my own life, without a politician to tell me how to live. I don’t want a Conservative politician to tell me how to live, either, although Conservatism by its very nature avoids telling people how to live their lives.

Dear Liberals: These people you put in front of us are often unable to figure out how to live their own lives. So they aren’t going to run mine. Got it?


(1)    10 Cases of Liberal Hypocrisy

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