Thursday, June 9, 2011

Democrats Cry Racism on Voter ID (Where'd you hear that predicted?)

On Friday, May 27th I published a reaction here on Biblical Conservatism to the voter identification law that was passed in Wisconsin and are being supported in Texas and other states.  In that article, I said the following:

(Democrats) will claim, I guarantee it, that requiring individuals to show identification cards to vote is either comparable to Apartheid in South Africa, or maybe Nazi Germany, or how about claim it’s reminiscent of Jim Crow in the South (as usual ignoring the fact, as history demonstrates, that it was Democrats who were the party of Jim Crow) in an effort to deflect (the fact that this law will harm their ability to steal elections via fraud). (1)

A reasonable prediction, to say the least. Since the Liberal playbook contains less plays that Coach Herman Boone's playbook in "Remember the Titans," it was easy to predict.  (PS - if you understood that reference, you're now cool in my eyes.)  So here goes the reaction from a high ranking Liberal Democrat to voter ID laws:

Did I call that or what?  For the record, I'm not bringing this up so I can take a victory lap.  The reason I'm bringing this up is to show how truly predictable Liberal Democrats are, and how much they are indeed showing their hand with claims like these.

More importantly, the claims themselves are absolutely ridiculous.  25% of African-Americans don't have a valid photo ID?  Are you kidding me?  As I mentioned in the original post, the only people who would legitimately not have any need to get any form of legal photo identification are those who neither drive, nor ever leave the country, nor ever want to purchase any age required product, whether that be tobacco, alcohol, or for that matter cough syrup and cold relief pills, or if you want to open a bank account, or have a cell phone plan or rent an apartment, because for each of those things you need photo identification.

I've jokingly said for years that 67.294% of all statistics are made up on the spot.  This particular invented statistic is even more ridiculous:  1/4 of adult African-Americans don't have a photo ID?  So you're saying that one of every four African Americans above 18 years old don't drive, don't ever leave the country, never want to purchase any age required product, (whether that be tobacco, alcohol, or for that matter cough syrup and cold relief pills), don't have a bank account, or don't have a cell phone plan or rent an apartment?  That's so ridiculous I find it sad that I have to explain how ridiculous it truly is.  Oh, and by the way (this is really important folks) according to my research, you need photo ID to REGISTER TO VOTE!

Furthermore, trying to claim that voter fraud isn't a real issue?  Are you KIDDING ME?  I mean, it's not a huge issue to DEMOCRATS, considering that, regardless of their wild accusations of "disenfranchising Democrat voters" leading up to every election, the only reports are of Liberal operatives harrassing Republican voters.  For example, the New Black Panthers intimidating white voters in Republican districts in 2008. (2) It's a blantant lie. 

I stand by my original statement, friends. It is nearly impossible to surive in the adult world without legal photo identification. That's a fact. The rest of this is just smoke-filled coffee house baloney. There is only one reason to object to requiring identification to prove you are who you say you are: if your voters AREN'T who they say they claim to be. Claiming this as racism is just another ad homonym argument in an attempt to cover up their real fear.  Democrats don't want to lose voter intimidation and fraud as a way to steal elections.  Period.

(1) How Telling: Liberals Claim Voter ID Laws Will "Disenfranchise" Their Voters

(2) Black Panthers Attack Voters in Philly Voting Place

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