Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Palin E-Mail Search Yields Nothing But Good

Last week, the Drive-By Media continued their witch hunt into Sarah Palin's email files while she was Governor of Alaska. Not surprisingly to those of us who have actually seen an unedited interview with Palin, free of the "gotcha" tactics of the Lamestreamers, they found NOTHING damaging.  As CNN's Drew Griffin put it:

Yep, we found out that Governor Palin was, "A hard-working Governor, devoted to the State of Alaska. Devoted to her staff, and devoted to her family. And extremely hard-working."  Wow.  Boy was THAT incriminating!  The last thing we want in our next President is a hard working individual who is devoted to their family.  THAT would certainly be awful, especially if we could instead have a President who plays golf constantly and takes ten vacations a year!

The Drive-By Media's absolute obsession with tearing down Palin has become disgusting.  It's replaced their hatred of George W. Bush and become even worse. It's directed from fear, as I have said dozens of times before, because they don't want Obama to have to face off with genuine Conservatism in 2012, and Palin most definitely qualifies.

Yes, I know Liberals are telling you they think Palin would be imminently beatable by Obama, but it's all smoke and mirrors.  I know some Republicans are concerned because of Palin's negative ratings with people currently.  That being said, those negative opinions will change when Americans are given the opportunity to interact with her without a media filter.  The same thing that has happened regarding Michelle Bachmann after Monday's debate will happen as it pertains to Palin. 

So many people who watched the farce of a CNN debate on Monday went in with negative views of Bachmann, thanks to the Lamestreamers, and walked away saying "Wow...she didn't breathe fire or sound radical at all! She sounded very reasonable and intelligent." The same thing will happen with Palin, should she get into the Presidential race.  People believe their own eyes and ears far more than Lamestream Media spin.

So the Drive-Bys have tried to dig up dirt, and they couldn't find anything on Palin except positives.  It's just not working to tear down Palin.  Ain't it grand!  Liberal smear is failing.  Welcome to the world of the new Media.  Should Sarah Palin join the 2011 fray, she will be not only in a great position to get the nomination but also in a great position to beat Obama.

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