Monday, July 25, 2011

CNN Poll Shows 66% of Americans Support Cut, Cap and Balance

Yes, you read that right.  66% of Americans SUPPORT the Cut, Cap and Balance Plan, according to a poll done by CNN, of all orginizations.  (1)  The very same poll shows that 74% of Americans would support the passing of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and 60% feel that a Balanced Budget Amendment is necessary for solving our deficit problem. (2)

Those of you who read this blog regularly will note that a) I generally distrust CNN Polls because of their liberal bias and b) I generally distrust polls of adults rather than of likely voters or registered voters.  You're correct in this knowledge (I've said before polls of adults are as useful as polling Martians and Kodiak bears), but considering the outcome of this poll, those factors make this poll even more compelling.  You see, when polls move from polling adults to polling registered voters, the polls trend more conservative.  When you move from registered voters to likely voters, the polls trend still conservative.  Furthermore, this poll being performed by a liberally biased news source is showing a strong trend toward the conservative Cut, Cap and Balance Plan and toward the Balanced Budget Amendment. 

One can assume based on typical polling trends that voters are more likely to support these policies than the general population of adults.  President Obama has spent the past weeks scolding Republicans to listen to the voters who elected them.  Now that this poll, coming from liberal CNN, has come out, I can say to them:  Do what the voters want, and pass Cut, Cap and Balance and a Balanced Budget Amendment.

The bill failed on pass the Senate by a vote of 51 against to 46 on Friday, however, bills can be brought back up for a fresh vote in either House if the demand is there.  This CNN poll shows that the demand is there from the American public, and they want Cut, Cap and Balance. 

Sorry, Mr. President, but you do not have the will of the people on this matter.  It's time for you to accept that the American public backs the Tea Party plan, not your Spend, Spend, and Deficit plan.

Now I address Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Republican Party:  The American people are with you.  Keep fighting for a real deficit reduction plan and a Balanced Budget Amendment.  We are winning this battle. Time to deal a knockout punch to liberalism in America!


(1) CNN Poll - See Page 18

(2) CNN Poll - See Page 7

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  1. This poll is indeed more compelling since it came from the biased CNN. This is awesome news which shows that the public backs Cut, Cap and Balance.


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