Friday, July 15, 2011

Dissecting the Liberal Talking Points: Where's the "Shared Sacrifice" from Government?

As we conclude our week where we've been taking time to dissect the Liberal talking points as it pertains to the Debt Limit debate, I'd like to dive into one of the most frustrating talking points Liberals love.  "shared sacrifice." His claim is saying that "we all have to sacrifice." It's interesting to me to note that private citizens have sacrificed (just look at the unemployment rate and the dropping housing values) and businesses have sacrificed (their profits are down), but one group hasn't sacrificed, at least not on the national level:  Government.

Government, lead by Democrats and Barrack Obama, will not sacrifice anything.  They won't sacrifice pork barrell spending.  They won't sacrifice stimulus spending.  They won't sacrifice Obamacare (which the majority of Americans don't want now and never wanted).  They won't agree to cut spending in exchange for a debt limit increase and they won't agree to live within the budget they have now. 

No, they insist they must take MORE of your money.  You sacrifice more, so government doesn't have to sacrifice a cent.  If you are among the wealthiest 10% (which I am not, by the way), you are already paying 85% of the taxes and, depending on where you live, are paying up to 55% of your hard earned income in taxes after the federal, state, and local governments take taxes out of your paycheck.  Government keeps saying "No, it's not enough, don't be selfish, pay more."  Sean Hannity is fond of saying that Liberals, who are already taking that 55% of your income, are "taking a baseball bat to your head" and saying "give more." 

Government is spending too much.  As Sarah Palin said recently "the sugar daddy has run out of sugar."  Government in general and Liberal Democrats in specific are refusing to share in the sacrifice that the rest of us are currently experiencing.  The rest of us have to cut back on vacations, but Obama takes vacations twice a quarter.  The rest of us have to work harder and harder, while Obama plays more golf.  I'd love to play golf all the time, but I've only been able to afford it once this year.  I'm going on one vacation this year, like most Americans.  How many has Obama taken, on our dime?

Government has not sacrificed at all. Liberals screamed bloody murder during Bush's first few years when budgets limited government growth to the rate of inflation, ostensibly leaving the budgets at the same amount. Democrats called keeping budgets the same (adjusted for inflation) "draconian cuts." There were no cuts! There was just no increase! Yet even that sacrifice was impossible for Democrats to agree to...they want to selfishly hold on to their power and your money. They are the ones who won't sacrifice, not us.

We the people have indeed sacrificed enough.  It's time for government to sacrifice.  Start by not raising the debt limit at all, or at least slashing spending.  We've spent too much, and now, as Obama's pastor would say, government's "chickens have come home to roost."  Time for government to share in the sacrifice and spend less.

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