Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama Has No Plan, Just Liberal Rhetoric

The President keeps demanding more compromise from Republicans in this Debt Limit Debate, and yet he has still not submitted a plan.  Yet the Republican Party is called "the Party of No."  The GOP is the only side that has given a plan.  Obama said the big sounding number "$4 Trillion in cuts" without submitting a plan in writing.  The only plan Obama has is "raise the debt limit, do nothing else."  It's akin to giving a new credit card to a person whose credit score is in the 400s due to his running up debt and never cutting spending.

Obama keeps at the same lines that haven't convinced the American people to begin with: 

Blah blah blah millionaires and billionaires blah blah blah private jet owners blah blah blah pay their fair share blah blah blah balanced approach blah blah blah revenue increases blah blah blah Bush's fault blah.

I'm tired of it.  The American people are tired of it. Obama's approval rating has dropped in the last weeks, and also has seen an increase in the President's "strongly disapprove" numbers.  There is no solution from Obama proposed except for naming a big sounding number and threatening to veto anything that doesn't let him tax the rich more, even though those increases will not even dent the debt and will certainly delay businesses from hiring if not cost jobs.

The only proposal Obama put in writing was his proposed 2012 budget.  That was voted down in the Senate 0-97.  Not only did zero Republicans vote for it, neither did a single Democrat.  Nobody voted yes on it.  Not one.  That was Obama's only proposal.  The rest has been a the same recycled rhetoric I listed above.

Obama keeps calling for network television time to tell us the same recycled lines.  I for one am tired of it.  Here's the point, and there is no two ways about it:  We are out of money.  We cannot keep spending to this level.  Failure to take our medicine now will mean legitimately huge cuts in the future.  The choice is yours, Mr. President.  We can take one bitter pill now or a bottle later.  But sooner or later we're going to have to take our medicine and cut our spending.

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