Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear President Obama - Raising Taxes IS NOT Cutting Spending

In a speech regarding the debt limit on Tuesday, President Obama referred to “ending tax cuts” as “reducing spending.” (1) In one sentence, the President has defined two of the biggest problems with modern Liberalism and two of the biggest problems with his Presidency.

First and foremost, the President honestly believes, or at least claims to believe, that when you keep more of your own money; it’s costing the government money. In reality, it is betraying the fact that Liberals think that your money inherently belongs to the government. They see a person who is in the top tax bracket not has having 35% of their income taken from them by the government but rather as a person whom government is benevolently allowing to retain 65% of that income. It’s a major issue that I will fight to the end. The truth is 100% of that money belongs to the individual, and while taxes remain a necessary evil, it is still that private citizen’s money that the government is spending. That’s one.

Two, the current tax rates have stayed in place now for over ten years. They are not tax cuts. They were a cut in 2001 and 2003 when current rates were reduced. They are now the current tax rates. For those of you from Palm Beach County: Maintaining the status quo rates is not a cut. A cut is a change. The current rates are status quo. The status quo is, by definition, not a change. Maintaining the current tax rates is not a cut at all. It is the status quo. To change those tax rates to a larger percentage is, by definition, not removing a cut but in fact it is raising taxes.

So when the President claims that raising taxes is cutting spending it is pure sophistry. The President is trying to spin his desire to raise taxes, to play class warfare and soak the rich who are already paying more than 50% of the tax burden (even though there isn’t enough income over the mystic $250,000 per year mark to run the government for even half a year). I’m not going to let him get away with that baloney.

Obama is still trying to claim we have a revenue problem. We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. We spent $1 Trillion in stimulus so unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%. Remind me what unemployment is now? We spend billions each year for the EPA to protect an environment that doesn’t need protection. It’s been caring for itself for centuries. Look at the Gulf of Mexico. It’s darn near at the pre-spill levels. No Liberal scientist was predicting that, yet the Earth has cleaned itself. We pay billions for the government to bail out companies that should have born the unfortunate results of their bad business practices and been forced to correct those failures.

The President wants to play politics and give this economy another dose of Liberal poison. I call on the Republican Party to say, once and for all, no…not just no but as Sarah Palin said “HELL NO!” You may not take money out of the pockets of business owners, money that could be used to invest in their businesses by hiring people, giving the unemployed badly needed jobs. You may not continue to borrow and spend so you can buy votes from people who don’t pay taxes to begin with. No. The overspending is done from both sides. It’s time to live within our means!

Dear President Obama: Stop lying to the American people. Raising taxes is not cutting spending. It’s raising taxes. Be honest, for once, and admit it.  You don't want to cut spending, you want to raise taxes.


(1) Obama Justifies Raising Taxes as Cutting Spending in Tax Code

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