Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama is Not the Adult in the Room

Those of you who have watched Obama's drivelling speeches over the past, you'll see a man who is trying to present himself as the "adult in the room" who is mediating between the reasonable Democrats and the horribly unreasonable Republicans.  He continues to list all the things that Republicans "refuse" to do, yet Obama is the person who is refusing to budge on his own desires.  He acts as though the Republicans owe him more in compromise than giving him his debt ceiling increase.  That IS the GOP's compromise...raising the debt limit!

Obama is not even an adult in the room at this point.  He has acted like a spoiled child who, all of a sudden, is now expected to behave and is not given his own way because he says "I want" anymore.  So Obama is throwing a tantrum behind closed doors.  He's telling Congressman Eric Cantor, "Don't call my bluff," and promising to go to the American people.  The people don't want what Obama's selling anymore, as evidenced by the drop in his poll numbers (1).

Obama excoriates Congress for "running up the credit card" when they were running up that card to fund spending Obama wanted!  Stimulus one, stimulus two, Obamacare, do these sound familiar to anyone else?  Shovel ready jobs that never happened, here a bailout, there a bailout, everywhere a bailout.  It was Obama's spending that ran up those bills.  Now he wants to pretend he had nothing to do with it. It's false. 

Obama lead that spending, he said it was necessary.  It failed, and now he just blames everyone else but him.  It's not Obama's fault, it's Bush's fault...just ask Obama.  Bush's worst deficit was just over $400 Billion (which I agree is still  $400 Billion too much), but Obama has deficits that are three to four times as large.  Obama's policies failed, and he tells us that things would've been worse if he hadn't overspent our tax dollars.

In the debt battle, Obama has said that "if the Republicans bring him a reasonable solution he'll discuss it."  The Republican solution is very reasonable:  Cut one dollar of spending for every new borrowed dollar and pass a balanced budget amendment so we are putting our house in order for good.  So start cutting to get our budget in line then keep it there.  That's a highly reasonable solution, one that American families use when it's time for THEM to get THEIR budgets in line.  Most of them don't even keep borrowing in that solution.  Obama is ignoring this solution because Republicans won't let him raise taxes.  By the way, do you remember Obama saying "The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in a recession?"  I sure do.  Are we still in a recession?  Yes.  Is unemployment still high? Sure is...and rising.  Now Obama flip-flops on this issue, because it suits his momentary desire.

Obama and the Drive-By Media keep trumpeting his proposal of "$4 Trillion in cuts."  Here's the problem:  There is no proposal by Obama that calls for that amount of cuts.  Obama has no proposal on the table.  The only cuts he has proposed are $2 Billion for next year.  $2 Billion.  That's NOTHING.  That is .05% of the Federal Budget.  To give an u nderstandable comparision, if a person who has a $50,000 per year income cuts .05% of THEIR budget it's an annual savings of $25.  It's a pittance. We spent more than eight times that amount on pork barrel projects last year. 

The truth is Obama has simply named a big sounding number.  10 year budgets are a joke anyway, because the next Congress or President (or even the same Congress and President) can choose to ignore in the following year.  Don't believe me?  Obama told us six months ago that we couldn't raise taxes in this economy, yet now he wants to because it will get people to let him keep spending.  (Those taxes won't help the budget gaps at all past ten days, but they might convince Americans to let Obama keep spending.)

Even if it was real, that would still only cutting 10% of spending out of a budget that is spending nearly 30% more than is taken in.  If you look at that same person whose annual income is $50,000 per year, that person would have to spend $65,000 per year, incurring $15,000 per year in debt.  How sustainable would that be for YOUR family, especially when you include the compounding interest year after year?  But Obama wants you to let him keep spending that amount of our money and compound that interest that WE will have to pay.

Do these arguments sound like an adult?  Of course they don't.  Obama can't see that it might be his policies, it's always somebody else's fault, usually a President whose been out of office for three years now.  Bottom line: Obama has strongly contributed to this crisis.  His policies have put us in this position as it pertains to the debt.  Obama has run up the credit card and wants to be given another one to fulfill his spending habit.  He is not the adult in the room.  He is the spoiled child who is trying to claim the adult's status.


(1) Rasmussen - Obama Approval Index

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