Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stop Discussing the Left's Misdirection Narrative

For the last few months, the Left has been trying to change the conversation.  They want to talk about social issues.  They want to convince women to hold their nose and vote for Obama again due to a falsely created fear that some horrible, evil Republican wants to take away their birth control.  They want to make this election about something...anything really...besides the economy.

Do you know WHY they don't want to talk about the economy?  BECAUSE IT'S LOUSY!  Oh sure, the Drive-By Media is doing their darndest to convince you that it's actually improving...even though we've sat above 8% unemployment for years now...even though the number has only dropped as low as it has because there are 2 million fewer jobs to be had, and not because more people are working.  Oh, and by the way, the unemployment rate has gone back above 9% again, to 9.1% in Gallup's February report. We went up .5% in a month, friends. 

The Left doesn't want to talk about gas prices, either.  Obama once called prices of $2.50 a gallon unacceptable when Bush was president. Now we're heading back for $4 a gallon. Does Obama have a solution?  I mean a real solution, and not more phantom "green energy?"  Like, oh, I don't know, getting the oil we have out of the darn ground and refining it?  Or reducing the ridiculous regulations that stop new refineries from being built?  Or how about a pipeline from a nice, friendly nation like Canada to pump their oil to refineries in Texas making it easier for us to purchase their oil (instead of OPEC nation oil) and raising huge revenues?  Nah...let's just pump millions into making algae into fuel.

Friends, here's a dose of truth that you won't get from the Drive-By Media: The Obama Administration has failed. He's spent and spent and spent and we've got nothing.  Sure, Activist and Neighborhood Liberals alike are telling you that "it would've been worse."  Yeah, that's a logical argument.  If I guy punches me in the face, it's like telling me that I shouldn't be upset, because he could've punched me in the groin.  No, Obama has failed, by his own measure.  So let's not let the Left change the conversation and talk about the real issue of this campaign. It's the economy, stupid, and it's terrible.


  1. Yeah, when I heard in December that unemployment was down, my reaction was, "Duh! It's December. It'll be back up by March when those employed for the holidays begin to drop off." Apparently I was way off by that prediction.

  2. Especially since the down numbers involve removing 2 million potential jobs from the job pool. Truth is Obama has seen 500,000 net jobs completely disappear (and not reappear, hence net) in his Presidency. And yet this is a "Recovery."

    The best way to explain it is if there were 40 people in the world and 20 jobs available, and 15 of the 20 jobs are filled, that would mean there was 50% unemployment. Now if that number drops to 15 available jobs, and the same # of people are unemployed, the unemployment rate drops to 33%. It's a fuzzy math equation, as usual.


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