Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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  1. It's really an affront to the others on this list for Newt for you to include Judson Phillips as if he is realistically someone of their caliber.
    Can you be anymore deceived about his importance and standing in politics? An extremely small percentage of voters or patriots across this nation take any recommendation from this wanna be somebody trying to build his own personal business and doing others wrong in the process. He attempts to avert personal and financial responsibilities when his (bad) decisions prove unsuccessful for him either personally or in his business.
    He bans anyone with an opposing viewpoint from 'his' site while using its membership ie: registration numbers (there is a difference), to convince others he is someone of importance.
    The 'membership' he touts as his authority to speak on behalf of a movement that has no leaders is misleading in numbers and participation.
    Vett him and his website and I'm sure those above him on your list are cringing you've connected his name to theirs, however, a few know him for what he really is behind the mask he is portraying to you. Trying to connect his name to these nationally known and respected conservatives is shameful at the very least and as deceptive as he is at best.
    Ran across this information on the internet about Tea Party Nation and its founder here. tnfiredup.wordpress.com Check it out...do the right thing for Newt...remove the connection.

    1. correction...'run' across this information on the internet

  2. This list is immediately suspect if the compilers find ANY importance at all connected to Judson Phillips. Good grief folks ! Thay little man is a fraud and has betrayed everyone who originally built tpn into it's FORMER strength. They are all gone from there and have been for over a year.

  3. Your list of endorsements to this man Judson Phillips is going to hurt you alot more than you think.

    Read my URL link (click my name) and decide for yourselves. Also read the link from Annony http://tnfiredup.wordpress.com and then make up your own minds.

    If you want to sell snake oil then you got the right person.

    1. "http://forums.traditionalamericanmovement.com/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=2220"

  4. Bing,

    Judson Phillips is the leader of ONE of the larger Tea Party organization in this country, which again, I believe is a reasonable tag when talking about who is the true conservative.

    I have my disagreements with Phillips. For one, I do not agree that Romney is a liberal...as I have stated countless times I think Romney is a Rockefeller Republican...and actually a fairly conservative one by comparision to Rockefeller. I simply believe we can do better.

    You will notice that I did not compare with Rick Santorum, who I gather from the enclosed comment on the TPN board is your candidate? I like Santorum, and I've gone on record recently as saying he'd be the perfect VP for Newt. But, and this is a huge but, I do not think he is viable to win the nomination. It took an unrepeatable level of retail politics to win Iowa. He doesn't have weeks and weeks to focus on one state anymore.

  5. Sorry, dude...TPN is deceptively presented to be one of the larger Tea Party organizations when in reality their active members & participants, if truly reported, are probably around or less than 1% of the total numbers Phillips' claims. That may even be a high estimate of true numbers.
    theteaparty.net is a much larger organization as is Freedom Connector, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots, and of course, Tea Party Express. These are legitimate Tea Party organizations. You drank the kool-aid of Phillips but gotta love your attempt to elevate him from his little existence into someone of importance.

  6. And yet he's brought on to Fox News as a source on Tea Party matters rather frequently. Huh.

  7. Fox News has no clue what they fed when they treated Judson Phillips as if he was important. He has an ego the size of Tennessee. I was a member of TPN for a year or so. When I got wind of his losing a court case involving his refusal to pay agreed upon wages to set up a TPN event I figured everyone else who was there should hear the truth. I posted a comment (also in the cricket chat on TPN) detailing the court case and the judgment rendered against Judson Phillips on TPN. He was ordered to pay the wages and the legal fees incurred along with a 10% fine. Even today, he has not paid. He seems to hold himself above reproach and even above the jurisdiction of the court. That truly sounds like what the Tea Party in general wants to have speaking for them, at least if you are from the left. I think that anyone who listens and is affected by what he says has fallen and cannot get up, or even think for themselves. If you are unaffected by the truth and still support and look to him for guidance in who and how to vote on anything, you may be a little too close to the koolaid. It has been known to have a malodorous smell and can muddle your brain, as much as Fox News has apparently.

    Check out this link to see if I am misrepresenting what I state. From Anonymous above “information on the internet about Tea Party Nation and its founder here. tnfiredup.wordpress.com Check it out...do the right thing for Newt...remove the connection.”

  8. Ron,

    To be honest, it'd be more work than it's worth to go remove the one detail from a week plus old post that isn't being read anymore. But I do appreciate your feedback!


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