Monday, May 16, 2011

House GOP Tries to Solve Gas Prices while Obama Panders

At the end of last week, the Republican lead House of Representatives passed three bills which would end President Obama's moratorium on deep water drilling off the American shores. As I discussed months ago, the President's executive order was voided months ago. (1) In the aftermath, Obama then issued a new moratorium, which lead to the President being declared in contempt of court. Unfortunately, this ban remains in place, thanks to the President's need to pander to his Leftwing radical environmentalist base. The result has been increasingly high gas prices. With his usual political decisiveness (so none) the President is trying very hard to ride two horses with one rear end.

Thus far, the President's solution has been to talk up nonexistent "green energy" that is neither practical nor ready for mass scale use, allowing him to do ostensibly nothing, save for set piles of money on fire to research these pie in the sky solutions. (2) He also claimed that the problem isn't lack of supply, citing that our refineries are at capacity. Unfortunately, the most basic of Economic laws, supply and demand, flies in the face of Obama's speeches. The truth remains that when you add supply of a product into the marketplace and demand remains the same (which, save for minor fluctuations for summer travel season, it does) the price goes down.

The President of course backs this up with pretending environmental awareness. Unfortunately, truth gets out of the way Obama's politics. The reality is the oil has already been completely cleaned up, thanks to one of God's wonderful designs: oil eating bacteria. Yep, God designed this planet to be self-healing, just like He designed our bodies to be self-healing. If you've ever had a cold, chances are you don't have it now, right? (Or if you still have it, in 3-5 days you won't have it). The reality is the Earth takes care of itself and heals itself. Our oil drilling is responsible, and there is no reason to stop it. Obama can't admit this, however, because it would mean dropping the Liberal excuse of environmental awareness to control other people's lives.

Now the Republican House has decided enough is enough, time for real solutions. So they passed three resolutions reversing Obama's moratorium and promoting further drilling and exploration. We know from history that even beginning the process to increase supply causes oil speculators to stop speculating the prices up and start speculating the prices down. We saw this in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when President Bush opened up deep water drilling offshore. Gas prices dropped like a stone from over $4 per gallon to well under $2 per gallon. They stayed there until Obama and his foolish policies got into the game, making it harder to obtain drilling permits and ultimately stopping all deep water drilling. Here we are, back at $4 per gallon gasoline.

So Obama releases a solution that he claims will help with the problem. (3) Yet as you scour the news articles, you find that all the President is proposing is the extension of existing leases and "more frequent" lease sales for a Federal petroleum reserve in Alaska. For the record extending existing leases won't do anything more than maintain the status quo. Granted, by not renewing those leases would cause the prices to rise even more, but with the price already at a budget breaking $4 a gallon, that's simply avoiding further damage to the economy. This doesn't qualify as helping at all. And as far as "more frequent" lease sales, if just one more was allowed per year, it would qualify as "more frequent," would it not?  Given Obama's past, such hair splitting is not unexpected.

I don't believe I am alone in the world in not believing a word that comes out of Obama's mouth. Everything policy has been designed with the ultimate goal being serving Obama's personal best interests. After nearly two and a half years of Obama, I know him like the sound of my own mother's voice. This will turn out to be absolutely nothing more than political posturing. Obama won't do any significant increase in oil drilling. Rather, he is doing his best to pretend he is trying to increase supply while not actually increasing supply. The goal, I'll bet, is to claim that he tried increasing supply (while actually keeping it level) and it didn't reduce gas prices.

Between claiming an increase in supply (falsely) and holding kangaroo court hearings to "sniff out fraud and price gauging," Obama can blame everything but his own bad policies and play class warfare in the process by demonizing the "evil" oil companies. The truth is Obama is doing precisely zero to help reduce oil and gas prices while claiming he is ramping up production. It is pure sophistry, worse yet, it's a pure lie. Obama is telling lies to get re-elected. The country can darn well deal with it, because nothing matters to Barrack Obama but Barrack Obama. Obama doesn't care a lick if we can't afford to pay more and more for gas because all that matters is Obama getting re-elected.

I for one have had enough of the lies and the political games. I lived through eight years of Clinton doing it, and Clinton was willing to not stand in the way of Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress doing positive things for the country. See Clinton was a narcissist but he wasn't an ideologue. Obama makes Clinton look like Reagan, because Obama is both a narcissist and an ideologue. So not only is he only concerned with himself, but he also is rigidly supporting radical Leftwing policies. This latest move by Obama is another example.

The House Republicans, on the other hand, are presenting real solutions. They are trying to increase supply and cause the speculators to speculate DOWN instead of up. They are offering real solutions. Liberals are trying to tear down the valid solutions of the GOP by claiming bias and cronyism. The truth is a good decision is a good decision. As I have demonstrated before, bias doesn't offset facts. For that matter, Liberals will tell you that the Republicans only support the oil companies because they are donors and supporters of the Republican Party. Actually, the reverse is true. Corporations support Republicans because Republicans promote policies that are in their best interests. Those policies, however, are also best for the country as a whole.

Lower priced oil and gas is a plus for everyone. It's a plus for the oil companies, who can now produce products for less which creates a chain of causation that lowers the cost of doing business, allowing them to spend more on research and development, which allows them to offer better products and expand their business. It also means lower costs for consumers, which means more money in the budget for American families, money that can be spent on other things.  Once the necessities are paid for, consumers are able to spend money by going to restaurants, vacations, buying newer cars, buying homest, etc.   Also, lower costs to businesses and ramped up production means an economic climate which allows people to open new businesses.  This leads to new jobs and the positive cycle continues.

Conservatism is the home of good ideas and historically successful ideas. Liberalism is the home of bad and historically failed ideas. That's why Conservatives talk about successes of policies and Liberals simply talk about laws passed. This is yet another example of Obama trying to do nothing and claim credit for something.

Obama must absolutely be defeated in 2012. Thankfully, the best weapon we have against Obama is Obama. I firmly believe Foghorn Leghorn could beat Obama in 2012. See, the hole in Obama's strategy is the fact that $4 per gallon gas prices will cause people to not vote for him. So will 10% unemployment. Obama is heading for a loss in 2012. Nothing he has done will improve the economy. And it won't improve the economy in the next 18 months before the 2012 election. These policies are facades intended to claim attempting to help without actually helping.

(1) Barrack Obama: The Unconstitutional President

(2) Green Energy: Another Liberal Pie in the Sky Lie

(3) With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production

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