Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reactions to the NY-26th Election

It was as predictable as the tides: When Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican Jane Corwin in the New York 26th District’s special election, you just knew that Liberals were going to claim a tremendous reversal of the political fortunes of the Democrat Party. Never mind that we’re talking about New York, one of the most Liberal states in America (trust me, I know, I live there, in NY 26th District at that). Never mind that it was a single district and not a statewide election. Never mind that the Corwin campaign was not particularly vocal about their Conservatism. Never mind that a Liberal ringer was running under the “Tea Party” label falsely and took away 9% of the vote, presumably all of it from Corwin. For the record, Hochul received 47% of the vote and Corwin 43% of the vote. If you figure even 2/3 of Davis’ false Tea Party label going to the Republican, Corwin wins. The Liberal Media is busily telling us how this is a huge victory for the Democratic Party on a national scene.
It’s not even close to a major victory for the Democratic Party. It’s a blip on the radar. What it does mean is further evidence that the GOP needs to not be shy about its Conservatism, because moderate Republicans aren’t going to get elected, for no other reason than if the GOP tries to run more of the usual moderate John McCain types, the Tea Party will almost certainly split from the Republican Party and form an official third party. That will not end well for the Republicans.

But Chris, weren’t the elections of Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey and the election of Scott Brown as Senator from Massachusetts declared a huge sign of this to come for the nation? Yes, they were, and rightly so. But there are two huge differences. One, both those elections were statewide, not a single district. Two, those victories were Republican victories in strongly Democratic states. Any victory for a Democrat in New York can hardly be called a major victory. Yes, it is a relatively Republican district, but believe me, there are quite a few Democrats in the district, after all it is New York. (Remember, I live in the NY 26th District, I know what I’m talking about!)
For weeks now I’ve been telling you that the Democratic internal polling is likely showing that Obama and the Democrats are in deep trouble if the Tea Party again takes the forefront in 2012. They want to dishearten us. They want us to forfeit before the umpire hollers “play ball.” So they trumpet every little victory of theirs as a tremendous one. It isn’t.
What really happened was a case of the Republican Party fumbling the ball. We ran a relatively Conservative candidate, but we didn’t trumpet her Conservatism. In the process, the Democrat had to absolutely lie about the Paul Ryan plan. She had to lie and scare senior citizens into believing that the Ryan plan would take away their Medicare, instead of telling the truth: That the Ryan plan does not change the Medicare and Social Security benefits of anybody over the age of 55. It only changes it for those of us who come after, so that we can still HAVE Medicare and Social Security when people my age retire. That’d be nice, considering I’ve been paying into those programs since I was fourteen years old. But, following typical Liberal politicking, they lied to win.

In 2012, the Tea Party isn’t going to LET the GOP fumble the ball. We’re going to primary the RINOs Republicans and continue to replace them with Tea Party candidates. Or consider the 2012 GOP Presidential field: The candidate who was, in 2008, the most Conservative viable option throughout the primaries, Romney, is now the “establishment candidate.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Romney supporter, but I’d take a Mitt Romney over a John McCain in terms of his policies, even with Romneycare.

In the NY-26th Election, the GOP did drop the ball. No question. But it was a special election without the Tea Parties in full swing. In 2012, you better believe we will be. As a matter of fact, the NY 26th Election just fired us up, and I would be surprised if Hochul doesn’t lose in 2012. Yes, the Democrats won this small skirmish. That does not mean they will win the war, regardless of what the Drive-By Media will spend the next months telling us.

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