Thursday, May 19, 2011

Despite the Left’s Best Efforts, Here Comes Sarah Palin

0In the past week, both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump announced they would not seek the Republican Nomination for the Presidency, while Newt Gingrich officially announced his candidacy. The field is starting to take shape. Yet those of you who read Biblical Conservatism regularly know, my personal top choice hasn't made an official decision, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

As I have discussed in a post that remained one of the most popular in the brief history of this blog (1), I believe the Left has shown us just how much they fear Sarah Palin. They've spent close to three years now trying to tear her down. It's not working. Many have speculated that Palin will get into the 2012 Republican fray. Those who have heard her speak without the Drive-By Media playing "gotcha" with her find her to be an intelligent, well spoken, principled Conservative with real values who has the experience and the fortitude to do the right things for the country.

She has yet to announce whether or not she is going to run for President, her numbers with Republicans are actually quite strong. As a person who has not even declared herself a candidate, she is currently in 2nd place amongst GOP prospective candidates in a Gallup Poll published on Tuesday. (2) In that poll 18% of Republicans named Palin their choice for Republican nominee out of a field of 10 candidates and prospective candidates. Only Mitt Romney polled higher at 20% (and that is within the poll's margin for error.)

Further analysis shows that Palin is the most recognizable candidate among the field, being recognized by 96% of those polled (what rock the other 4% of Republicans spent the last three years under is beyond me). Also, she has the third highest positive intensity score, behind only fellow Tea Party darlings Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain. On a side note, it's interesting to me that the 3 most favorably viewed individuals are the three who are the straight shooters who aren't afraid to go toe to toe with Barrack Obama on his Liberal Socialist policies.

Yesterday I discussed the "tells" that the Media is giving to show us how weak Obama's re-election prospects are in 2012. I've said before that the Left shows how afraid they are of particular candidates not by the people who they state aloud who they fear but by whom they go to the mat to tear down. The Drive-By Media has put more effort into tearing down Sarah Palin than any other Republican, period. They've gone after her harder than they went after George W. Bush, for crying out loud! Through it all, she has stayed strong and stuck to her guns. She has become much stronger in her public discourse than she was in 2008. Anyone who saw her speech to a Tea Party rally several weeks back knows that she's ready for a fight, whether that be as a candidate or as a supporter. (3)

Some believe the Drive-By Media when they say Palin can't win. I, for one, believe what Rush Limbaugh said a couple months ago, and I quote (as best my memory recalls), "She will mop the floor with Obama." I could not agree more. Palin will not be afraid to go after Obama on his record, on his ridiculous spending, on the 9.2% unemployment, on the $4 per gallon gas and Obama's lack of an energy policy to solve that problem. She is rhetorically very candid. She tells it like it is without spin or filler. She is the perfect answer to Obama, who is nothing but spin and filler. She has run a business, so she knows how to create jobs (hint: the answer isn't more government). The business she ran was the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, so she understands the implications and necessities of responsible oil drilling. She was also the governor of Alaska, which is one of our nation's top oil producing states.

Some say Palin is too polarizing. I ask this: What would you call Obama? Uniting? The Drive-Bys keep showing cooked polls that say huge numbers of Republicans wouldn't vote for Palin. Right…so we're supposed to believe RINOs would rather have Obama? Not likely. One of the things that define a RINO is a person who votes for the person with the (R) next to their name. As I've said numerous times before, the Drive-Bys and the Democrats are terrified of Palin as a Presidential nominee. Fully 42% of Americans call themselves Conservative. (4) If she convinces 1/3 of the people who call themselves Moderates, (a mere 11% of voters) she would defeat Obama if he gets all the Liberals and 2/3 of Moderates. For the record, that's a very generous expectation for a President who has terrible approval numbers.

I realize Palin has not declared her candidacy and has stated that she is still considering the possibility as recently as last night on Sean Hannity's show. That's what makes this showing impressive. She isn't campaigning officially, she hasn't even announced her candidacy, yet she is one of the top ranking potential candidates. The Left tried to tear down Sarah Palin. It failed miserably. So here comes Sarah Palin, whether it be as a candidate or as a supporter. Here's hoping it's as a candidate.


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