Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama No Less Beatable with Bin Laden Dead

It’s as predictable as the tides.  When Osama Bin Laden was finally killed under Barrack Obama’s watch, you just knew they would start telling us Obama was now unbeatable in 2012.  The Media is just full of this sort of baloney and this next couple of weeks will be no different.  Before long CNN, MSNBC and the like will start taking polls of likely voters…no, registered voters…no, American adults, which will show just how huge of a bump Obama has gotten (ignoring that half of those people couldn’t vote if they showed up and 2/3 won’t vote). 

Just as certain Conservatives will start panicking.  We know how terrible Obama has been for this country and we’re afraid of the demonstrated foolishness of the American public.  Also as certain, the Republican “Old Guard” will start looking for a “moderate” candidate that won’t offend the sensitivities of “moderates.”  (Of course we know how successful that was when we got President Dole, President McCain and a full term for President Ford, right?)

As always, I’m here to be a calming voice in the din.  Time for a two scoops of reality with a cherry on top.  Let me ask you a question:  Were Obama’s poll numbers in a free fall before Bin Laden was captured?  They were?  Good.  Were they dropping BECAUSE Obama hadn’t caught Bin Laden yet?  Answer: No, they were dropping because we still have 10% unemployment, rising food prices, and $4/gallon gas.  Do we still have those things?  Yes. 

The pain isn’t gone from Obama’s policies.   People will be distracted from it for about ten minutes, but the next tank of gas or the next trip to the grocery store is never far away.  People are going to be reminded that their budget is squeezed tighter and tighter.  Also, it’s not 1995 anymore.  There isn’t just the networks and CNN for TV news.  There are choices beyond the local paper for news.  You can read a paper that isn’t left leaning like the New York Post online daily, plus many other great internet sources like the Heritage Foundation not to mention millions of blogs.  Don’t forget that we now have the ability to share articles from thousands of people across Twitter and to be aware of them constantly.  There’s Fox News.  There’s not just Rush Limbaugh anymore for talk radio.  There’s Sean Hannity, Laura  Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and many more nationally plus local hosts all over.   And as far as the usual panic from the old guard GOP, there’s the Tea Party.

The point is the Drive-By Media is not going to get away with the type of spin they could get away with fifteen years ago.  They can’t lie to the American people anymore unchecked.  Fox, the internet options I listed, and talk radio WILL call them on it and tell the truth.  The Tea Party is not going to let the GOP put up a wimpy middle of the road candidate.  We will get a REAL Conservative in 2012.  I firmly believe that.  (Here’s hoping its Sarah Palin, personally.)

Bin Laden being dead doesn’t mean a thing regarding Obama’s failures as a President.  As Rush Limbaugh put it today, and I’m paraphrasing here, “People can’t put Bin Laden’s blood in their gas tank.  They can’t take his turban to the supermarket and trade it for a box of cereal.”  Nothing about Bin Laden being dead changes the reason people feel Obama is a failure.   Obama is a failed President because he has spent 50% more than he had available.  (Yes, I know Bush spent in deficits too.  But Bush's deficits were about 16%, Obama's are 50%.  Not excusing Bush, but Obama is exponentially worse.)  Obama has failed as a President because he has created an economic climate that means $4 gas prices by refusing to allow companies to increase our oil supply with drilling.  We still have 10% unemployment and 17% underemployment, even though Obama spent trillions in “stimulus” that failed miserably.  (And no, Liberals, you can’t get away with “it would’ve been much worse if he hadn’t.”  That’s a straw man argument with no backing.  No dice.) 

Nothing about Bin Laden’s body being in the ocean changes that a lick.  The Drive-By Media wants us to buy that Obama will be tough to beat.  He’s not one bit tougher to beat than he was five days ago.  And five days ago Obama wasn’t tough to beat. 

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