Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Won't Release Pictures of Bin Laden. Mistake.

Yesterday, President Obama announced that his administration will not release the photos of Osama Bin Laden's corpse. (1)  I once again marvel at the ability of Liberals to find piles of dog doo and step in them every single time. As I start this post an hour after the announcement, I predict Obama has once again stepped in the pile.

Think about it:  We just ended a news cycle where less than 20% of people in America believed that the President was a natural born citizen. Last week he released his birth certificate and stopped most questions from reasonable people (save for the question of whether or not one is a natural born citizen if both parents were not citizens). Yet the President seems quite intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Before I proceed, let me make one thing absolutely clear. I believe Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs on Sunday, May 1, 2011. I'm not lending credence to the theories that I'm about to predict.  Not unless there are some real evidences to back it up.  I didn't start questioning the birther thing right away and I won't tackle this immediately.

Does the President not realize what he's set in motion?  There will be theories that Bin Laden was dead years ago and that Obama presented them now to bolster his poor poll ratings. There will be theories that he isn't dead at all and this was a hoax by Obama to bloster his poor poll ratings.  I can't entirely blame them.  For the past several years I've had the theory that Bin Laden had been dead for years but the Bush Administration chose to keep that fact a secret due to information we had about a major Al Qaeda attack set to launch as soon as Bin Laden's death was announced.  That was my theory until Sunday's announcement.  I'm willing to put that theory to bed with the report of Bin Laden's death this past Sunday, barring any future evidence.

Fact of the matter is Barrack Obama is completely to blame for these coming conspiracy theories.  There is no reason not to release those pictures.  For starters, the idea that releasing the images will just incite violence among our enemies is preposterous. To say that people who are perfectly willing to show videos of an American being beheaded by Al Qaeda will be offended by death images of Bin Laden is silly. They already believe they have reasons to kill us for not being Muslims. Everything else is just details.  Also, Obama's attitude that we should treat terrorists with political correctness in the hopes that they'll reciprocate and be nice to us back is another Liberal fantasy.  More likely this is likely to received as a demonstration of the weakness of Americans.  This attitude is foolish by the most generous measurement.

Or what about the similarly ridiculous Liberal idea “we’re better than them, we shouldn’t stoop to their level.”  Look, this attitude isn’t bad for a six year old on the playground.  Unfortunately, Liberals don’t see how their ideals fail in the real world with adults.  I’ll grant that saying you can simply turn the other cheek and “be better than them” with a six year old bully calling you a dorky doody-head on the playground is reasonable.  To say that you can simply turn the other cheek and “be better than them” with people who are willing to blow themselves and their children up in the name of a holy war is not reasonable.  What happens in the former is the bully might lose interest.  Al Qaeda is not going to lose interest in blowing up Americans in the name of jihad. They believe that their god (2) is telling them to blow up anyone who is not a Muslim and if they do they will be greeted in their version of Heaven by 72 virgins. You can’t intellectually defeat them with schoolyard solutions!

So Obama has set himself up again for more controversy.  According to the Drive-By Media, Obama is the most brilliant person in the history of ever, yet he can’t see how such things play out?  For that matter, if Obama is so very brilliant why can’t he figure out that it is not possible to convince truly evil people to play nice?  There’s an answer, of course, is that he isn’t so brilliant. 

The truth is Liberals have been claiming their people are so very brilliant and their opponents are so very stupid.  Liberals in Great Britain said Neville Chamberlain was brilliant and Winston Churchill was stupid.  Chamberlain wanted to negotiate with Hitler.  How’d that work out? Churchill recognized that Hitler had to be defeated.  Liberals told us Jimmy Carter was brilliant and Ronald Reagan was dumb as a post.  Remind me who ended the Cold War?  George W. Bush was impugned as a dunce while we were told Al Gore was a genius.  Did any reasonable person find themselves on September 12, 2001, wishing that Al Gore was President?  I can tell you many Liberals who voted for Gore told me after 9/11 that they were glad Bush was President because he was the man prepared to deal with the War on Terror.  It’s another ad homonym argument from Liberals.  It’s no different than calling Conservatives and Republicans racists.

Obama has once again proven how unqualified he is to be President.  He’s more concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims who would murder every one of us if they had the chance.  (Even the politicians who placated them.)  Rest assured, there will be tremendous outcry against Obama.  He will be accused of lying, there will be conspiracy theories aplenty.  Yes, there would’ve been a few no matter what.  But by refusing to show those images, he’s going to anger many, many people.  He’s angered those who can’t stand the nanny state by saying that the images are too graphic for us.  (We can make that decision on our own, thank you very much.)  He’s angered those who quite frankly don’t care if the terrorists don’t like those pictures.  (They already have reason, in their minds, to murder us.  They aren’t going to change that to reciprocate our niceness.)  He also set off a new series of conspiracy theorists to replace the Birthers.  Because you won’t offer evidence that the reasonable among us will accept, Mr. President, you deserve it!

What’s that smell?  Smells like somebody stepped in dog doo…again!


(1) White House won't show bin Laden photo: U.S. official

(2) No, Allah of Islam is not the same god as the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ.  Regardless of what many well meaning Pluralists tell you, there are far too many contradictions between who the Bible says Jesus Christ is and who the Koran says Allah is.  For example, Jesus Christ is either the Son of God as the Bible says or not as the Koran says.  Man is either saved by grace alone through the blood of Jesus Christ or they are saved by their own works as the Koran says.  These two perspectives are irreconcilable.  I believe the Bible is true, thus I must accept the Koran is false.

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